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10 Best Plunge Router 2024 – Affordable, Cordless, Variable Speed

Best Plunge Router

Looking for top router tools to finish your aspiring woodwork designs?

Whether it’s about shaping the edges of a wooden table or creating a mortise in the heart of a hardwood panel, Plunge routers are frequently used by woodworkers to complete tasks.

You always need the best plunge router to aid you out, whether you’re involved in a factory or home-based woodworking activities, or someone who wants to work on complicated joint jigs.

A plunge router is a must! But beware, Plunge routing is a difficult task.

Accuracy, finesse, and a fine touch are required and before everything else, the appropriate tool is mandatory.

What is a Plunge Router?

But, before we can assist you in your search for the top plunge routers for woodworking, we must first explain what a plunge router is.

There are two types of routers:

  • Fixed routers
  • Plunge routers

The plunge router is a popular choice since it is versatile and can be used to make a variety of cuts.

They are designed with such delicacy to serve the users for multiple purposes.

The routers are positioned at the top whenever the router motor is lowered.

To cut the wood according to your requirement, the motor is placed on the top of the rod that has a spring.

Get a detailed difference between Plunge vs Fixed Router to decide which machine suits you needs best.

Best Plunge Router

For most woodworkers, even beginners, a plunge router is one of the most essential power tools they need to have.

The tool is so versatile that it can be used in a number of cases.

A Plunge router can be used for several tasks in a way as they have a direction that moves up and down from the base.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the plunge router is the kind of tool that you need to have to polish your woodwork skills.

It comes with versatility and can be used for different woodworking projects in a few ways.

All you need to know is how to use a plunge router in a right way and you are half done.

With tons of brands promoting their products, one can easily feel overwhelmed and get confused over which one to go for.

So, to find the best plunge router that will upgrade your skills on a tight budget, we go deep to make sure that you know everything and anything concerning the plunge routers.

Editor’s Pick : Best Plunge Routers Review


Best Plunge Routers 2024

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1. Bosch Combo Plunge Woodworking Router – MidRange Router

Bosch Combo Woodworking Router

Bosch plunge router lies in the mid-range brands while being affordable making it a popular choice.

This tool features extremely intuitive handles making it easier than ever to secure a plunge in and make changes with the tool as it was intended.

You won’t have to think twice about having to restart and tweak this router because it features micro-fine easy to control adjustments that can still take place while being on lock mode.

The thing we love about this router is that the LED light is always on.

Not only does it light up the whole work area but also makes the mood better with such features.

To some people it might feel as if this feature is unnecessary but it makes a huge difference.

This kind of plunge router uses less horsepower.

This router is not suitable if one is under a heavy workload.

Product Features

  • This Bosch router bears a 2.25 horsepower engine 
  • With a 12-amp electric motor, it has speed ranging up to 8,000RPM to 25,000 RPM 
  • It has a special build circuitry 
  • It has a rigid aluminum body
  • The handles are Wooden with a soft-grip
  • The LED light is always on
  • Micro-fine easy to control adjustments
  • The handle designs are ergonomic
  • It has a 2.3 HP
  • The dust kit is poorly constructed
  • Sometimes alignment is destroyed


If you’re considering buying an easy to handle plunge router, then this will work for you.

With a 2.25 horsepower engine and soft grip handles, this tool not only be useful for the woodwork lovers but can also illuminate the atmosphere of the workplace.

2. Makita Plunge Router – Compact Router

Makita Plunge Router

The Makita plunge router is an excellent router for normal or project use.

Since you can adapt the perfect rate for your job with the adjustable dial, it makes it fantastic.

The rack and pinion’s fine depth adjustment mechanism allows you to make more exact adjustments for the tasks at hand.

The structure is optimal for comfort and stability, and the electronic pace ensures that complex tasks are completed at a consistent pace.

It’s a one-of-a-kind machine.

You wouldn’t want this machine to break down or fall apart, because new parts are difficult to come across, with the machine parts being foreign.

Second, customer service appears to be non-existent.

The depth modification is also extremely delicate.

makita plunge router

Product Features

  • The ball bearing of Makita plunge router is oversized 
  • It has a I3.25 HP powerful motor 
  • The robust 15-amp motor 
  • It features a built-in fan to reduce dust intake.
  • 0 inches to 2-3/4 inches plunge depth 
  • The speed is adjustable
  • It perfectly Fits industry templates
  • Rack & pinion adjustment system
  • It has a built-in mechanism for the reduction of dust
  • The light turns on Smoothly
  • Rubberized handles
  • The Spare parts are not easy to look for
  • Passive customer service
  • Hard to assemble and disassemble
  • The adjustment of the depth is sensitive


The Makita Plunge Router RT0701CX7 is one of its kind.

It provides stability, accuracy, and insurance that your tasks are to be completed with a smooth finish.

If your someone who is detail oriented, go for this plunge router.

3. Triton Plunge Router TRA001 – Variable Speed Router

Triton Plunge Router

If you want to leap woodworking, the Triton Plunge Router TRA001 is for you.

The great thing about such a router is that it can be seen as a plunge router as well as a fixed base router.

Why go for one feature when you could have two?

This ability is worth its cost.

Compared with another router it might be a little heavy, weighing around 13 pounds but the power source of the Triton Router is corded, increasing its capacity.

Its durability and utility are further enhanced using pure metal as a raw material.

This Triton router TRA001 is incredibly simple to operate and set up.

Changing pieces is simple, and you can get straight to work with this basic plunger.

With multiple benefits, the only shortcoming this product has is that it is slow.

Furthermore, it blasts up dirt on the shield, making working difficult.

triton plunge Router

Product Features

  • One button away from changing plunge to fixed-base router 
  • The dimensions are 10.2 by 12.9 by 11.4 in inches.
  • Through base with automatic spindle lock
  • The router has a micro winder 
  • It starts softly and has an adjustable speed 
  • Comes with side air vents
  • It has a micro-wider design
  • The router has side vents
  • Both handles are evenly spaced
  • This design is heavy
  • It is expensive in terms of price


The Triton Plunge Router TRA001 can turn it’s plunge router into a fixed router and vice versa.

This two in one router is perfect if you want a do-it-all router kit.

4. DEWALT Plunge Router DW6253 – Affordable Choice

DEWALT plunge Router

Another well-known power tool maker is DeWalt.

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this electronic plunge router should be regarded as the gold standard in the router market.

Their parts are regarded as being inexpensive, serviceable, and dependable.

DeWalt delivers, and if they don’t, they have warranties to back them up.

This DeWalt Plunge Router’s power being 15amp and 3Hp, it should not be underestimated.

The weight and force of this instrument make you push through even the most difficult projects.

This has a lot of power, steadiness, and longevity.

Even if you come to have an issue with the tool, it comes with a guarantee and may be repaired by several local retailers.

The quality will last for a long time, and this might end up being the last router you’ll ever need!

Dewalt Router

Product Features

  • It has a powerful 15 Amp motor that generates a smooth-running 3 HP
  • The speed is adjustable ranging between 8,000 and 22,000 RPM
  • Rack and pinion depth adjuster. 
  • It has a Micro-fine bit depth adjuster 
  • The dimensions are 5-5/8 x 6-11/16 in inches
  • It weighs 11.2 pounds
  • It has a 15 amp motor with 3 HP
  • The quality of this router is excellent
  • Its durability is high
  • This router can be serviced easily
  • The handles have a poor quality
  • The location of the switch is confusing


DeWalt Plunge Router is for the DIY enthusiasts!

The DEWALT shall not be underestimated!

Because it will push you through even the hardest of the projects just to cater your creativity.

So, all the DIY lovers, this one’s for you!

5. WEN Variable Woodworking Router RT6033 – Perfect for Beginners

Wen Variable Woodworking Router

The stunning WEN woodworking plunge router kit RT6033 includes a carry bag and a cutting edge.

This 15-amp fluctuating motor rotates at speeds ranging from 8000 to 23000 times per minute.

It’s critical to understand that routing rapidly results in material tear out and burn scars.

As a result, the bit becomes duller quicker [learn how to sharpen router bits].

Wen router also works both ways, Plunge and fixed.

As a plunge base and a fixed base router, the plunge capability enables it to be locked in a downward direction.

The seven-stop turret is a unique characteristic of this design.

This allows the user to change the depth of your cut by 1/8-inch degrees.

WEN goods are accompanied by outstanding customer service. Even if you have a problem, they have quite a countrywide network of professional service specialists ready to help.

Product Features

  • It is Fine-tune adjustment dial 
  • Ihe collet is of half inch
  • The speed is 15Amp having variability 
  • The turret of this router has 7 stops 
  • It has an amazing customer service
  • The dust collector is 1 by 2-inch
  • It comes with a wrench that changes a bit
  • There is a helping guide in the plunge router kit
  • The casing is hard-shelled
  • Plunge of this router kit is stiff


If you’re someone always on the go, select Wen routing tool!

It not only comes with a carry bag but also a cutting edge.

Recommended for professional woodworkers!

6. Festool Plunge Router 574692 Imperial – Durable Plunge Router

Festool Plunge Router

Various plungers on the marketplace are hard to handle.

To handle them and complete your task, you’ll need a huge amount of attention and effort.

However, if you’re seeking a plunger that’s both simple to use and remarkably safe, the Festool Plunge Router is exactly what you’re searching for.

This plunger is lightweight but also provides safe use.

This plunger weighs only 17.9 lbs. and has measurements of 15.6x 11.612.8 in inches, making it even more acceptable in size and making it easier to use.

It also has a metric unit in its system of measurements.

It’s has a metal built, which renders it durable and robust enough to labor with.

It is a corded instrument with a voltage power of around 120 – 1400 watts. Its ergonomic grip helps to cut wood deeper while also allowing you to change the dial for high precision.

The dust discharge ports expand the plunger’s flexibility while also extending the cutting life.

Product Features

  • The handles of this router have integrated switches 
  • The integrated extraction ports of this router collect dust
  • The base Diameter is 2.5 inch
  • It comes with a swiveling deflector for chips 
  • It is easy use with the MFS multi-routing templates & FS Guide Rail system
  • The power consumption is around 1400 watts 
  • The  depth adjustment range is around 2 3/4 inches
  • The router has micro-adjustability
  • There are ports for dust extraction
  • It provides a strong engine
  • The router adjusts the base with precision
  • This router is a little pricey
  • The structure is very bulky
  • It has different handles than other routers
  • The bits of this router are hard to exchange


You want to choose an easy-to-use plunge router? Then Festool router is the one for you. The Festool 574692 Plunge router has a sturdy build that will last you long.

7. Bosch ROUTER MRP23EVS – Professional Plunge Router

Plunge Router for professionals

One of several top plunge routers in the marketplace is the Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combination Kit.

You just cannot ask for more functionality for the cost.

The Bosch can handle a wide range of tasks, including precision bit plunging, slot cutting, laminate trim, and dovetail snipping.

It is a great heavy duty plunge router.

It stores power to maintain the speed in heavy cuts.

It’ll be tough to find a more durable material than aluminum.

This router is renowned because of how simple it is to operate and how much authority you have over it.

Not only is there integrated electronics that allow for continuous action, but it also doesn’t freeze in the center of your work, and it encourages precision by cutting at a steady pace.

Product Features

  • The router is equipped with a strong servo motor with 15 Amp power 10000 to 25000 Rpm 
  • It comes with a trigger control system
  • It has a after lock microfine bit-depth adjustment 
  • Comes with a spring-lock plunge lever
  • Router’s LED light is always-on
  • The speed is Adjustable
  • The router has various cutting applications
  • It comes with a carry case
  • The router gives a controlled precision
  • The instruction guide that comes with this router is long and complicated
  • It comes with additional wrench packs


Want to work at a steady pace and with a durable tool?

This Bosch plunge router is perfect for continuous day to day work.

8. Makita Plunge Router RP18001 – High End Plunge Router

Makita Plunge Router

Another high-end power equipment brand that contains a wide range of routers is Makita Plunge Routers.

This plunge router offers a lot of strength, which is essential for producing good cuts and resolving problems.

Even though you’re dealing with hardwood, the electronic control system will maintain a constant speed.

Another advantage of this plunge router is the precision and control of the plunge depth.

The plunge lock’s triggering mechanism is simple to operate and is strategically situated for easy accessibility.

One can secure the plunge with only a little power and accomplish a lot.

The router locking on/off mechanism is one potential disadvantage.

Unlatching the locking system can enable the router to move, resulting in unintended cuts or a crooked line.

It will take some time to work through all of this, but once you get the hang of this technology you will grow to love it.

makita plunge router for beginners

Product Features

  • The router has a strong 15 Amp motor with 10000 – 25000 Rpm and 2.3 Horsepower 
  • It comes with a trigger control system 
  • Router is equipped with a microfine bit-depth adjustment 
  • It has a smooth plunge action
  • It comes with a spring-lock plunge lever
  • The LED lights of the router are always-on
  • The router’s electronic control over adjustable speed
  • It is gentle to work with
  • The motor has 15 Amp
  • It has a smooth Operation with linear ball bearings
  • It has no casing
  • It lacks the edge guide
  • This router is hard to turn the router on and off


Makita might be a high-end router maker brand but the technology they use is worth every penny.

The Makita RP18001 router is beneficial if you work with hardwood on a daily basis.

It has a little power consumption and operates at a constant speed.

What a perfect combination!

9. Metabo Plunge RouterMulti-Functional Router Kit

Metabo Plunge Router

Plunge routers are trustworthy when it comes to making regular cuts in hardwood, Grooves, rebates, fluting, mortise, and dados are just a few of the jobs it can handle.

For fixed-base routers, the cutter bit cannot start moving or dive from top to bottom since it is locked at a specific place in the base.

As a result, it’s difficult to work with the materials above.

The fixed and plunging bases on the Metabo HPT multi-functional router operate together perfectly.

Whether you’re adjusting the depth or switching foundations, the two-stage motor releases a router clamp that makes the procedure go quickly.

An electronic stepper motor enables a craftsman to operate at a variety of rates to suit their needs.

Any workshop would benefit from having this tool package.

Product Features

  • This Metabo Plunge Router has a 15-amp motor 
  • The motor has a soft start with 3-1/4 peak Horsepower
  • It comes with a electronic variable speed dial
  • It also has a adjustable rotation speed 
  • Comes with a unique adjustment knob 
  • The bits of this router can be changed easily
  • This router has no batteries
  • This router has no batteries
  • The router is worth the price
  • The router is worth the price
  • Metabo is a multi-functional machine
  • This router freezes when the workload is heavy


Metabo Plunge Router one is a great option if you’re looking for a two in one router kit for woodworking!

It operates well, switches smoothly and produces delicate results.

What else do you need!

10. Ryobi Plunge Router RE180PL1G – Multipurpose Plunge Router

Ryobi Plunge Router

Ryobi’s Plunge Router RE180PL1G is manufactured by a firm that specializes in drilling, cutting, and a variety of other strong hand tools.

Aside from that, Ryobi manufactures large outdoor devices such as blowers, mowers, and so on.

Ultimately, we thought it was worth a go! It generally comes in a black and green color theme that immediately strikes the eye.

Because you’re interacting with multiple bits, you’ll need to vary the motor’s pace.

The Ryobi RE180PL1G Plunge Router is equipped with a 10-ampere varying motor.

As a result, depending on the task at hand, you can adjust the appropriate speed.

The only disadvantage is that it does not work well enough with the router table and some customers also complain about the slider for not being that smooth.

There’s a good risk that consumers will abandon this product because of this.

However, of all the Plunge Routers, this is a decent purchase.

Product Features

  • It’s motor has a variable speed 
  • The depth extends up to 2 inches
  • This router is versatile 
  • It has a 10-ampere motor
  • The design and shape are smart 
  • This router has a un-smooth slider
  • The router is budget friendly
  • The handles are ergonomic
  • It starts softly
  • It has a micro-adjustable depth
  • The only problem is has is that it is un-compatible with a router table


Ryobi’s router will be another great pick with a 10-ampere routing motor.

This router can adjust itself according to the task available which is a plus point.

What to Look for in a Best Plunge Router?

A router is a vital tool.

Especially, if one’s into precision cutting which is the domain of delicate hands and a mind that’s creative.

Hence, it’s essential to purchase the ideal plunge.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to look at before purchasing a plunge router:

Collet Diameter

The diameter bit used by wood routers is generally around 1 by 2 inches or 1 by 4 inches.

These bits are usually inexpensive and provide much more accuracy and stability for the user.

If you get it according to our guide, then it will allow you to do a lot of work with greater detail and precision.

Speed of Plunge Router

An adjustable speed is another essential feature if your work is detail oriented.

Variable speed is needed for the change of bits in a plunge router.

Variable speed is critical if you are changing bits.

A plunge router will cater to your problem and enable you to use other kinds of router bits to perform a variety of cuts in woodwork.

Grip Comfort

Remember, you will be using this router all day long, so choose the one whose grip feels comfortable.

Otherwise, you’ll feel tired after using it for a while which will make it difficult for you to complete your task.

Also, if the grip makes you uneasy you could accidentally let the router go, which will damage your work.

Switch Position

When routing you will be needing your both hands to do the job.

The question is that are the switches in reachable position, or can you make easy transitions?

The feel of the router in the palm of your hands, placement of switches are the things that one should take into consideration.

Dust Collection System

Another important factor when choosing your favorite plunge router is dust control.

If there is a way to eliminate the dust collection in your router then that is the right one you need to get.

Vacuum port will save a lot of time for you, as you won’t have to clean.

It also saves you from harmful dust particles that can cause allergies.

Hence, we recommend you keep your safety on the top of the priority list and get a plunge router with dust control.


Horsepower will be a critical factor in determining the use of your plunge router.

Constant power is needed for an accurate cut.

Hence, it makes the power essential for the bits to push through the hardwood.

It is advised to purchase the routers with two HP or more for high standard work.

Router Accessories

Woodworkers are skilled craftsmen.

To make sure that you take this craft to a next level you need to get some good accessories.

Even if you get an older model of the router, router accessories like bits, clamps, jigs and table fence will save the day.


When you get a product that will be used all day long, consider getting something that will last you a long time.

Take this product as an investment that will give you a good profit in the long run.

Trust us, you don’t want to waste money on some cheap router.

Combination Kits

Plunge routers are also useful for fixed router units.

If you want to enjoy the real working of fixed routers then plunge units can be assembled with them with the help of a combination kit.

These combination kits contain a separate plunge base for fixed routers as well as cover of routing bases.

Sometimes combination kits cost you more so, if you already have a separate fixed routers base then you should not need to buy them.

FAQs on Best Plunge Router

Can you do a plunge cut with a router?

Yes you can, the plunge cutting is only done by the plunge router.

Spiral bits are mostly used for easy plunge cuts.

What is the depth of the Plunge router cut?

Basically the depth of Plunge cut is vary from model to model but according to our research, mostly it have ranges from 2-4 inches.

What can I do with a plunge router?

Plunge routers can do several tasks which include cutting dados, patterns in the middle of a board, mortises, and as well as route edges, and cut tenons.

Is there a difference between a Plunge router and a simple router?

Yes, simple routers and Plunge routers have some differences like, in simple routers you have a fixed base and base depth needs to change every time.

While, in Plunge routers you need to pre-set the base depth for your every project.

How to use a plunge router with a router table?

A plunge router may require a custom table. Some routers aren’t compatible with the router table.

So, you’ll have to choose according to that.

Can you use a plunge as a fixed router?

A plunge router can do all the things a fixed router does but in a less precise manner.

Fixed routers come with moveable parts which enable them to be dialed accurately.

Which things should I consider before buying a Plunge router?

The things you must consider before buying plunge routers are given below;

  • Base plate of router
  • Ease of fitting on table
  • A switch system
  • Deep plunging collet
  • Plunge height adjustment system

Final Thoughts

Our top picks include:

  • Triton Plunge Router TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Router.
  • Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Base Router
  • WEN RT6033 Plunge and Fixed Router kit

Triton is dependable, has speed control, and can switch from plunge to fixed-base mode.

It’s a fantastic all-in-one device for the at-home craftsman who wants to finish any task easily.

While Bosch is good for you if you’re looking for a less expensive choice even though its plunge route mode operates almost as well as any other router in our category.

The stunning WEN RT6033 is our third choice for the top router for woodworking 2022.

This router also is a multi-functional router.

Why have one feature, when you can have both?

Wood craftsmen have a lot of amazing ideas and ambitions that they can’t achieve without the usage of practical, effective, and modern tools.

Plunge routers have become such instruments that increase the worth of a woodworker’s labor by assisting in the realization of challenging design and providing a high-quality finish.

We’ve covered everything you’ll need to know about purchasing your first plunge router ever!

These best plunge routers allow you to accomplish several different things.

So, make sure to go through us to choose the best plunge router to cater to your woodwork dilemma.

Best of Luck!

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