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9 Best Router Table Fence 2023 – Kreg, Taytools, JessEm, Fulton

Best Router Table Fence

Do you desire accurate and dependable cuts for your woodworking projects as a woodworker?

Then you’ll have no choice but to invest in a router table fence.

Anyone can utilize one of the several router tables available on the market.

If you’re a professional woodworker, though, you’ll want to invest in the best professional router table.

The characteristics of these instruments vary depending on the manufacturer and brand.

However, an appropriate router table is still required for properly carrying out woodworking activities at home or in construction firms.

Palm Routers are noted for cutting quickly and leaving a smooth surface.

Most woodworkers rely on them to keep the object firmly in place.

If you work on traditional carpentry jobs, a router table fence will become an essential component of your working process.

The best router table fence gives you more control and stability when dealing with wood.

Router table barriers can assist bridge the gap between the router and the open space around it.

This contributes to the convenience of the personnel by guaranteeing that everything stays in position.

A fence is required for some complicated cuts to get the desired results.

Best Router Table Fence

Why Buy a Router Table Fence

As any skilled woodworker would attest, router table fence simplifies their job.

A router fence adds a great deal to the table in the same spirit!

So, let’s have a look at the advantages of purchasing one for your project.


If you’ve ever attempted to complete a woodworking job with little or no tools, you know how long it may take.

Furthermore, you may find yourself struggling due to the back-and-forth of the handbook.

So, whether you need to cut complicated designs, produce grooves, or conduct repeated chores, router table fences may greatly speed up the operation and let you move on to other important aspects of the process without no having to wait for hours.


Wood dust collection systems are integrated onto certain router table gates, preventing waste material from reaching the ground.

Who wants to end a long day of project creation with a thorough sweep of the room?

Virtually no one! And be certain that bothersome wooden chips, dust, and other debris will find their way into your home.


Every artisan understands that multitasking is essential to completing a project successfully.

It is, however, easier said than done.

It would help if you handled several areas of the task simultaneously, and even one misstep might jeopardize the entire operation.

This occurs when you become agitated and succumb to the scramble.

On the other hand, a router table fence creates a well-organized workspace that allows for effective multitasking.


If you don’t have a fence with strong lock-in features, you’re more likely to injure yourself by utilizing the tools at your disposal.

One misstep with faulty equipment or a shaky building may quickly land you in the ER.

This is particularly valid if you’re a novice with no prior woodworking skills.

Great Agility 

It would help if you observed your workspace from various angles to generate the ideal product.

Otherwise, you’ll have a lot better chance of getting poor outcomes.

In any case, a 360-degree perspective is always beneficial, and dependable router table fences are your one-way ticket to a well-executed job.

Editor’s Pick – Best Router Table Fence Reviews

TAYTOOLS Router Table Fence
FULTON Router Table Fence

Top Router Table Fence 2023 – Reviews & Guides

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Woodpecker router table fence WOODPECKER ROUTER TABLE FENCE
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router table top and fence POWERTEC T-TRACK ROUTER TABLE FENCE
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router table fence kit
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1. Taytools Router Table Fence – Aluminum Fence

Taytools Router Table Fence

The Taytools 300015 is an excellent choice if you need a tough aluminum router table fence with all the necessary functions.

The fence is 32 inches in length.

It’s composed of anodized aluminum that’s 0.375 inches thick for strength and protection.

Extruded aluminum is used by the maker, which adds to the structure’s strength and balance.

When the humidity level in the atmosphere varies, the metal does not bend or bow due to this manufacturing method.

The fence faces are manufactured from M.D.F. (Medium Density Fiber) boards that have been coated with melamine using cutting-edge technology.

Four knobs on the rear may be used to modify the faces.

The knobs are threaded for accuracy and convenience of usage.

A simple shim mechanism is also installed on the outfeed fence face.

The knobs may be adjusted from 6.5 to 10.75 inches apart.

You may also adjust them to a range of 18 to 22 inches.

Router bits with a width of up to 3.5 inches can be used with the fence opening.

The 4.5-inch long adjustment knobs on the back of the fence make it simple to move it from front to back.

This tool can help you increase the pace of your workflow significantly.

The router table fence set also includes a feather board, bit guard, and an adjustable stop in addition to the fence.

On the other hand, the makers do not include a router or a table in the box.

diy router table fence

Product Features

  • It comes with his System with an outfeed fence and aT tracks.
  • It has a bit guard and a feather board.
  • The Adjustable stop has a dust port that includes 2.5 OD and 2.25 ID opening
  • It has a fence face that is made from M.D.F.
  • The mass of this device is made of anodized aluminum construction.
  • It comes with four rear-mounted knobs.
  • It is very easy to adjust forward and backward
  • This is an outstanding shimming property
  • It gives complete value for money
  • The setup of this instrument is Heavily built
  • It stays stable during humidity
  • It has burs on some of the milled holes


The Taytools 300015 Deluxe router table fence will set a new benchmark for precision and inventiveness.

Even if the humidity changes, it will remain faithful to you.

The opening of the fence may be adjusted.

It comes with a plethora of extra features.

It is suitable for both novice and knowledgeable woodworkers.

2. JessEm Router Table Fence – Advance Fencing

JessEm Router Table Fence

When it refers to the master fencer’s name, JessEm is unsurpassed.

The JessEm 4010 table fence is the most sophisticated in its class.

Its functions and features, as well as the price range, will appeal to you.

It includes a great adjustable scale for precise measurement, and its dual-track fastening system allows you to secure any objects on the portable router table.

It’s an easy-to-use toolbox that takes only a few seconds to set up.

A separate fence-stop attachment with scale may be found on the top face.

For ease and accuracy, the metal frame is finished in a subtle red adonized finish.

The master fence includes lockdown knobs that glide easily and securely, ensuring no risk of security.

The Master Fence, also known as Mast-R-Fence, is made of durable and long-lasting fiberboard that is extremely thick and substantial, allowing it to provide service to your workplace for a longer period.

Hardboard sub-fences are included with the fence.

You’ll discover locking knobs on the rear where you can easily adjust the sub-fences for smooth functioning.

The vacuum hose option on the Mast-R-Fence is fantastic.

You may easily set up a 2-1/4 inch vacuum hose with its dust port on the inside diameter and a 2-1/2 inch diameter vacuum hose on the outer diameter.

It contains shimming bars for jointing; they may be stored on the rear when not used.

best router table fence

Product Features

  • Its tracks are completely customizable with changeable scaling possibilities and don’t require the use of any tools for adjustment.
  • This fence will work with any router table that is 32 x 24 inches in size.
  • Positive locking knobs are included with the device.
  • Its mounting track makes adjusting and putting it together with a breeze.
  • We found this fence with a precision aluminum extrusion
  • It has a subtle red anodized finish
  • It is uncomplicated to work because of its adjustable scales
  • It is very suitable for a wide range of bit sizes
  • After using as experts, we can employ a 2 to 2 1 by 4 inches dust collecting port
  • It comes with a worse instruction guide
  • It takes a lot of time for adjustment


If you’re looking for a pocket hole jig at a reasonable price.

It is ideal for all professional woodworkers and can be put on virtually any table.

This fence is a favorite and is highly recommended by all top woodworkers.

3. JessEM Mast R Router Fence

JessEm table Fence

JessEm takes the best router fence building to a whole new level with the Mast-R-Fence.

To begin with, it uses a “Red Phenolic” foundation to create a smooth surface.

Other pieces are professionally machined and have an anodized black finish, and are constructed of industrial quality and extruded 6061-grade aluminum.

It has “high boy” style knobs made of the same high-quality metal.

As previously said, JessEm is a household brand in the woodworking industry, renowned for its quality, precision, and long-lasting products.

This master fence is built on a phenolic resin substrate that is both mechanically and dielectrically robust.

Its ability to withstand corrosion and chemical assault distinguishes it from other products on the market.

It is highly suggested for woodworkers who live near the shore because of its strong setup, which can resist collecting moisture from the air.

It’s also heated and resistant to wear.

These characteristics make it ideal for production houses that supply most output.

It has a completely smooth surface as well.

Another benefit is that its components are extruded aluminum grade 6061, known for their accuracy.

With knobs on the rear of the fence, the sub-fences allow for 100% tool-free adjustability, which sounds like a hassle-free alignment.

These fences are laser etched to give them a unique look.

It also features shimming bars, one of which can generate an offset of 1/32 inches, and the other can produce 1/16 inches.

It also has storage on the rear for these shimming bars when they are not in use.

router table fence plan

Product Features

  • The fence is supplied with Maplewood sub fences, which are laser cut, finely machined, and etched.
  • The product uses a “Red Phenolic” foundation to create a fully level surface.
  • This device has laser tech engraved fence face shimming bars and incorporates “high boy” style knobs for simplicity of use.
  • It has a tough design
  • We found it Suitable for bulk productions
  • It doesn’t rust and is resistant to heat
  • It is simple to use
  • It creates a leveled surface
  • It is a high-end item that is pricey and isn’t suitable for low productions


JessEm is a household brand in the woodworking industry, renowned for its quality, precision, and long-lasting products.

This master fence is built on a phenolic resin substrate that is both mechanically and dielectrically robust. Its ability to withstand corrosion and chemical assault distinguishes it from other products on the market.

4. DELUXE Peachtree Router Table Fence

diy router table fence

Deluxe Peachtree is a dependable and sturdy piece of equipment.

It takes very little time to set up and is also quite simple.

It can hold both large and little items. It’s made of M.D.F. and pure aluminum.

It will always be accurate and true for a good finish.

It’s a valuable piece of machinery for the price.

It’s one of the most effective and best router table fence on the market.

A 32-inch fence constructed of extruded aluminum with UHMW inserts is included in the package.

It is pre-drilled for quick and easy installation.

Two 16-inch fence pieces constructed of industrial quality aluminum are also included in the set.

The kit also includes two mounting blocks for the dust port, in addition to an updated dust port.

The dust port has a 2.5-inch outside diameter and may be directly linked to any appropriate dust hose through a rear attachment.

A uni-fence stop block is another novel addition.

Product Features

  • The fence is comprised of aluminum extrusions with UHMW inserts.
  • C-shaped router clamps may be used to secure the kit to your table.
  • The front of the fence has three integrated T-tracks for feather boards.
  • It may be used with any router tabletop with a “center mount” router plate.
  • A uni-fence stop block is included in the package.
  • It is found to be compatible with all types of jigs
  • This fence has a strong and durable built
  • This router table fence is Pocket friendly
  • It comes with a fence stop
  • It gives an accurate finish
  • It keeps the machines due to its clean finish
  • The shimmed before clamping action is not 90 degrees


The fence can handle bits with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches, allowing you to operate with a wide range of sizes.

Any router tabletop with a “center mount” router plate design can be utilized with the kit.

Three integrated and small-size T-tracks are located on the front of the fence to position and install feather boards.

5. Kreg Router Table Fence – Adjustable Fence

Kreg Router Table Fence

You must be aware of a router fence for table saw’s role while routing on a table.

Kreg’s router table fence operates similarly to a table saw’s T-square adjustment mechanism.

It enables great adaptability by keeping itself parallel to the miter gauge slot.

The fence cannot be adjusted forcefully on the tabletop; thus, the Kreg fence incorporates a locking mechanism to keep it in place.

There are four nuts available in addition to the locking mechanism.

It gets more powerful when you get them tight enough on the table.

It comes with two jointing rods and a built-in jointing function.

They may be adjusted with the outfeed fence face to provide precise board edges.

Furthermore, the vacuum dust port is precisely positioned to keep everything clean and dust-free.

Unlike other fences, this sliding fence may be customized to match your needs.

This separate sliding barrier reduces the dust produced by the router bit.

You may set the fence in the ideal location to get the most out of it.

You may put it next to the router bit to gather dust easily through the built-in dust port.

With this fence, you may utilize any bit, allowing precise setup.

As a result, it delivers unrivaled measuring precision for cutting woods.

It comes with two jointing rods and a built-in jointing function.

They may be adjusted with the outfeed fence face to provide precise board edges.

Furthermore, the vacuum dust port is precisely positioned to keep everything clean and dust-free.

kreg precision router table fence

Product Features

  • It has a micro-adjuster wheel on the measuring scale, which may be customized.
  • The product may be used as a jointer as well.
  • It has a built-in dust port.
  • Each fence face may slide independently.
  • It has an anodized-aluminum fence which makes it long-lasting and durable
  • For dust collection, it has the built-in dust-collection port
  • It gives a smooth action due to its two jointing rods
  • To adjust simple, it has a micro-adjuster feature
  • It contains a T-square style adjustment system
  • The features are somewhat flimsy
  • The miter slots given in the structure are not satisfying


This machine’s components are all well-made.

You’ll be pleased with what this fence system can provide you if you’re prepared to invest some time refining it.

It has a high price tag, so it might not be the best option for a beginner woodworker.

This approach might help you bring out your artistic side if you’re a carpenter.

6. Woodpecker Router Table Fence – SF-36 Single

Woodpecker router table fence

Woodpeckers router table fence and other products produce high-precision marking and measuring instruments in the United States.

These tools are made from solid aluminum and are anodized for protection.

They will give you years of precision for your workshop setup jobs.

Woodpeckers tools include pinpointing accuracy rules, squares, and straightedges manufactured of the cast and ground aluminum tool sheet, a material capable of holding incredibly tight tolerances after machining, and laser engraved with non-wearing measuring scales.

Most Woodpecker tools come with appropriate M.D.F. boxes that may be wall-mounted.

The SUPER FENCE is an excellent choice for routine work.

All the parts have been processed to perfection.

The various features, such as the planer cut, C-profiles for connecting extensions or spring hooks, and the extraction adaptor, are quite well and of high quality.

Above all, the modular System offers the greatest versatility and diversity.

Product Features

  • It has a height of 102 mm
  • It has a depth of 150 mm
  • Its total length is about 1180 mm
  • The length of the jaws is 460 mm each
  • Extraction connection ID/AD: 57.15 mm / 63.5 mm the suitable adapter for almost every extractor
  • It has a dust extraction connection for clean work
  • It has M.D.F. sides incl. aluminum profile laterally adjustable
  • The Aluminium cheeks are cleanly processed and anodized for scratch-free work
  • The sides of it can be set straight or at different heights
  • The Levelling screws of the super fence enable absolute accuracy
  • The only con would be the assembly directions

7. POWERTEC 71489 T-Track Router Table Fence

router table top and fence

T-slot aluminum extrusions simplify jigs to different workpiece dimensions while also providing an adjustable fastening point for jig accessories, including stop blocks and toggle grips.

Aside from jigs, a t-slot extrusion can be applied in various applications.

Make a movable fence with such a pair on a benchtop router table safety guards.

Use these to hold a feather board or two on the fence.

The POWERTEC Multi T-track fence is ideal for those who want more flexibility in the design and structure of their projects.

This permits woodworkers to use a multi-tiered method, allowing them to build complicated items without succumbing to the process’s chaos.

Perfectly proportioned T tracks are included in the equipment, allowing for simple installation throughout the operation.

The tracks themselves are 0.75 inches thick and have a space between them that is the same size.

Overall, POWERTEC’s T-track fence stands up to its brand name, providing customers with many features without compromising productivity.

aluminum router table fence

Product Features

  • The dimension of it is given as 24.1 x 0.8 x 3 inches
  • It consists of 30 teeth
  • One lithium battery is the required lithium battery requirement for it
  • Its weight is around 2.64 pounds
  • It has a track fence
  • We found it very solid and straight
  • It can be used as a table saw fence using the track as a guide
  • It gives high accuracy
  • When paired with the Multi T-Track, it turns the fence into an accurate stop system
  • The multi-T track from POWERTEC is designed to endure a long time and sustain tremendous pressure
  • The extrusion allows for increased strength and durability and can adjust the angle quickly
  • Its aluminum construction protects it against corrosion and moisture damage
  • Despite the general strength of the design, some T-track sections do not always fit

8. Carter Magfence Universal CNC Router Fence

cnc router fence

The next-generation magnetic fence is a worldwide fence system that connects to any ferromagnetic table with no necessary hardware.

The Carter F.A.S.T. Fence Alignment System Tool is a straightforward magnetic design that allows you to set it on the blade and determine if you are in the perfect spot parallel to the blade for the best cutting accuracy.

The Carter Products MAGFENCE II magnetic fence attaches quickly and accurately to most metal or cast-iron tabletop, regardless of size, because no brackets or mounts are required.

Ideal for use with your bandsaw, drill press, cnc spindle sander, and practically any other ferrous metal-surfaced tool.

Product Features

  • Its weight is about 3.27 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 16.3*3.5*3.5 inches
  • Its material is made up of aluminum
  • It has multiple t slots for accessory attachment
  • It attaches magnetically. That’s why it is used for universal fit on most ferrous metal tables
  • It can easily be removed and can be used with multiple types of equipment
  • It is compatible with all MAGFENCE accessories
  • It gives precise measurements because of the two powerful switchable magnets
  • It is heavy
  • It doesn’t come with the instruction guide

9. Fulton Precision Gauge with Aluminum Router Fence

router table fence kit

We’ve all heard or read about miter gauges with fence systems that are remarkably precise, easy to adjust, and make cross-cutting angles on your table have seen a breeze.

While this sounds great, these excellent features usually come at a high cost.

Until now, that is.

These amazing features and much more are included in Fulton Precision Miter Gauge with Aluminum Miter Fence and Flip Stop.

The best thing is that it is reasonably priced, making it available to almost any woodworker.

You know how restrictive a factory-supplied miter gauge can be if you’ve ever used one.

Angle cutting is a joy with the Fulton Miter Gauge with Aluminum Fence and Stop.

Cross-cutting angles on a table saw have just become a whole lot simpler than using a miter gauge alone once the gauge is set as well as the fence is properly adjusted.

When this aluminum fence is used with the Fulton Miter Gauge, you’ll be able to cut angle stock with extreme precision all day!

Product Features

  • Its weight is about 4.64 pounds
  • Its dimension is 19 by 4.75 by  2.25 inches
  • It is made of aluminum and steel
  • The positive stops are ideal for many woodworking jobs because they are the most utilized angles
  • Equally, the ends of the fence are cut at exactly 45 degrees. This allows you to position the extra fence close to the saw blade
  • The Aluminum Miter fence is similarly well thought out with its 45-degree edges for unparalleled workpiece aid and its capability to be fitted to most any miter gauge
  • It damages the Dewalt Jobsite table saw, that’s why it cannot be used with it

Buying Guide for Router Table Fence Plan

To choose the best router table fence that suits your taste, here is a router table fence guide to help you out.


The material that an adjustable router table fence is constructed of is the first thing you should check for.

Remember that woodworking projects can be weighty, especially when working on larger projects.

So, if you cut corners on the material’s quality, you’ll end up with a mess.

Not to mention the risk of low-quality fences collapsing unexpectedly and injuring you and your personnel.

Dust Collection System

While it may not be at the top of your priority list, a dust collecting system is an excellent feature to consider.

Cleaning up after yourself is the most aggravating aspect of the woodworking process, and if you’re working on projects in your garage, this will spare you the trouble of having to clean up all the sawdust that seems to creep into every nook and corner.

T Slots

Some may claim that a router table fence kit on its own is quite limited in terms of utility.

Sure, it assists you in keeping the parts in position, but shouldn’t it be capable of more?

Yes, we believe so! T slots, for example, play an essential part in defining its appeal because they may be used to attach various tools in minutes.

Adjustability Features

When your fence is installed, you’ll notice that the more adjustment features it has, the more precise your cuts will be.

Most manufacturers now offer some sort of flexibility, allowing you to alter angles and work as needed.

Value for Money

When it comes to pricing, there is a big difference between the many solutions available.

You’ll find that some router table fences cost up to $300, while others cost less than $50.

However, does this discrepancy inevitably imply that the less expensive choice isn’t worth your money?

It isn’t quite that straightforward in reality.

You must consider your selections in light of your requirements.

If you’re just going to start with woodwork and want to refine your skills, a less expensive alternative is the ideal option.

If you’re a professional with a large workstation, on the other hand, it’s always advisable to get a router table fence with the features you require.

The greater the price, the better the features, but it doesn’t mean that every pricey option is worth considering.

You can also create a custom DIY router table fence at home to reduce your project cost.

FAQs on Best Router Table Fence

How to make a router table fence?

If you need the construction plan, you can get the link to it in the tutorial.

You would need plywood with a 2HP drill master router and a router table, a router lift, a palm router, some clamping knobs, a drill, and a jigsaw to complete this build.

What is the best router table fence?

Our top pick is Router Table Fence, Kreg PRS1015.

In second place is the Taytools router table fence.

Do you need a fence on a router table?

Bits without bearings almost always necessitate the use of a fence.

There is no way to adjust the depth of the cut if there is no bearing.

That is taken care of by the barrier.

You can also diy a router table fence that will cater your needs.

What is a fence used for on a router table?

A router table fence, like a bearing, can position a workpiece.

How long should a router table fence be?

The top of a router table, whether store-bought or homemade, must be flat, so the wood does not shake as it passes through the bit.

That’s when a solid straight edge comes in handy.

A reliable straight rule with a length of at least 24″ is required to evaluate the flatness of the top properly.

Our Pick

Our top pick is Router Table Fence, Kreg PRS1015.

This precise tool has a strong mechanism that allows the user to alter angles and lock them in gently.

The steel frame contributes to the overall robustness of this piece of equipment.

Finally, you’ll be able to make the most of heavy-duty work while maintaining powerful simplicity of use.

Rest assured, this will hold up to a lot of weight. 

In second place is the Taytools router table fence.

This device includes a very functional shim mechanism, making it one of the top router fence types.

Two offset track sets are incorporated into each fence face.


You’ll need a best router table fence to complete your work correctly.

It enhances the productivity and relaxation of your work.

The best router table fence will make your task much easier if you’re a newbie learning your craft.

If you’re a skilled carpenter, the fence will provide you with an advantage.

However, it’s easy to become lost in a crowded marketplace where everyone sells something you want or need.

Everyone, of course, has a budget constraint.

As a result, it’s critical to select the greatest router table fence within our budget to maximize our woodworking potential.

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