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12 Best CNC Clamps 2024 – Straight, Edge, Hold Down Clamps


Have you ever cut a wooden board by yourself? If you answered yes, you would understand how important it is to be able to cut in a straight line. The CNC clamps can be used as a guide to help you cut the straightest boards and planks for your wood project. CNC projects are well-known for their high levels of precision and accuracy. However, every tool plays an important role in achieving high-quality flawlessness. The CNC router clamps are one of the many instruments that help to make CNC routing nearly faultless. Hence, for such projects the best CNC clamps are required and here is the list of types of clamps for further insight.

Also called the hold down clamps, the CNC router clamps are essential for correct clamping, aligning, and setting up the stock since they have a significant impact on output, especially for parts with quicker turnaround times. It’s an essential tool that every craftsman should have. When cutting straight boards, the appropriate clamp can provide stability and control to the craftsman. It may also enable the user to connect power instruments such as a circular saw. We’ll go through each product’s strengths, benefits, and drawbacks as we move through the list to ensure that we get the best CNC clamps for your woodwork.


Editor’s Pick: Best CNC Clamps for Woodworking

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Best CNC Clamps in 2024 for Woodworking

Woodworking Clamps are used to secure a workpiece in place so that it does not wobble and produces even and smooth results. Because they are practical and functional with any T-track routing arrangement, cnc hold down clamps are regarded as the best router clamps. As a result, every hobbyist should have several clamps in his toolbox to help speed up the process. To make this process easier for you, here is a list of the best CNC clamps that you could use to enhance your woodwork.

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1. POWERTEC Aluminum Clamp 71165 – CNC Table Clamps for Woodworking

cnc edge clamps

Do you own a general-purpose workshop? POWERTEC is one of the most famous companies that produce clamps for woodworking that are ideal for a general workshop. The POWERTEC 71165 has Aluminum and alloy steel built which makes it sturdy. This sturdiness makes the tool last long when it is used in heavy-duty or in work that uses the device for long hours. The size of this clamp is 4.25 inches in length, 3.5 in width and it is 1 inch long in height. It has a perfect size which makes it portable, you can take it anywhere you like and work.

The tool possesses a high-quality diecast, which is made up of pure aluminum with a smooth blue anodized coating. This coating resists any corrosion or decay making it last longer. This CNC router clamp comes in sets that include Cam levers, Steel Washers, Rubber Washers, and much more, making everything convenient for you. The purpose of this cam clamp was, designing a tool that provides you with a quick release for pocket hole jigs and fixtures. Such features aren’t found in many tools out there, which makes the POWERTEC 71165 cam clamp a worthy candidate.

Product Features
  • It has alloy and aluminum built 
  • The dimensions are 4.25 x 3.5 x 1inches 
  • It weighs 0.3 pounds
  • Includes a woodworking quick release feature for jigs and fixtures
  • It comes with a secure cam activated lock 
  • It has a drill press table fence optimizer 
  • The set includes Cam levers, 3-inch T-bolts, Steel washers, and rubber washers
  • It works well on high speed
  • You can do repetitive work with it
  • Possess an aluminum cast for durability
  • It has a quick cam activated lock
  • It has a blue anodized coating for wear resistance
  • It is long-lasting
  • The washers don’t provide a stable surface

If you are looking for cam router clamps with ideal high-quality hold down, then this is a perfect option that you might want to consider. This clamp enables benchtop operations and can easily be used in a general-purpose workshop.

2. Hold Down Clamp Quick Acting M8 T-slot T-track Clamp Set

Low Profile cnc clamps

Looking for a quick-acting clamp? The Hold Down Clamp Quick Acting M8 T-slot T-track Clamp Set is the one for you. Made of Aluminum alloy it’s a clamp by the brand DD WRT. The dimension of this clamp is 4.33 inches in length, 2.36 inches in width, and 0.98 inches in height. It comes in a red color which is different from the other clamps. This difference in color makes the tool attractive for you to use again and again. 

This CNC router clamp doesn’t fit the usual standard T track; hence it is advised to the user to first make sure that the dimension fits before you make a final purchase. This clamp has specialized in providing solid clamping hold in t-tracks and pressure anywhere along the T-slot which is flush-mounted. The most notable thing about this clamp is that it has two different kinds of sliders which enable the woodworker to do different kinds of work with just a single instrument at hand.

Product Features
  • The dimensions are 4.33 inches for length, 2.36 inches width, and 0.98 inches in height
  • It has a different T track 
  • It comes with a hold-down clamp feature 
  • It has a turn off hand knob 
  • Two different sliders for various functions 
  • It has flush mounted T slots and tracks 
  • The outer built has aluminum
  • It is made up of aluminum which makes this router clamp durable
  • It has two clamp sliders for different functionality
  • It is deemed as ideal for clamping jigs and fixtures
  • It gives versatile functions
  • It is useful for metalworking as well as woodworking
  • It secures the T-track quickly with its turn off the knob
  • It is a device made for long term use
  • Its T track doesn’t fit the standard measurements

With its red color, not only is this tool fun to use but it’s also durable and long wear. It’s an ideal tool if you want it for clamping jigs and fixtures. It also has two sliders which make this tool quite versatile.

Find all the must have 12 Best CNC Clamps List here in this Video.

3. Hot Favorable T-track Hold Down Routing Clamps

cnc woodworking clamps

Looking for a tool that is safe to invest in? Well, the Hot favorable tool is perfect. It comes with a 1-year guarantee. The company has great customer service that enables them to solve the problem of the user as soon as it’s reported. This set of hold-down clamps is preferable for drill pressing, CNC Router, table saws, jigs, panels, and vertical mills. It is a heavy-duty clamp with rubber pads on both sides of clamp bars to eliminate slipping which can cause damage. 

This CNC router table clamp is known for its high strength because of its aluminum alloy built. The high strength provides exceptional clamping action which in return gives accurate results. The clamp sizing is 6-3 by 8 inches in length, 1- 1 by 4 inches in width, and 3- 19 by 32 inches in height.

Product Features
  • It has rubber pads on each side to avoid damage 
  • It has a t-track system that is universal 
  • It comes with drill presses, vertical mills, jigs, and panels
  • The product size is 6-3 by 8 inches in length, 1- 1 by 4 inches in width, and 3- 19 by 32 inches in height. 
  • It has aluminum alloy built 
  • Clamping action is an exception for configuration and assembling
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It has a good customer service
  • It has high strength
  • It holds down the clamps well
  • It is ideal for heavy-duty and long-term work
  • It saves the workpiece from potential damage
  • The set doesn’t include any screws

This router clamp is preferred for sturdy commercial use because of its high strength aluminum construction, durability and resistance and if that is what you’re looking for, you should get this one.

4. POWERTEC Hold Down Clamp

cnc workholding clamps

This CNC router table hold down clamp comes in a wide range of sizes coupled with a wide profile makes this set of edge clamps one of the best on the market. It weighs 0.9 in pounds which makes it easy to handle while working. Each aluminum rail adds rigidity that prevents the rail from bending under pressure. It has a plastic and metal built which is designed to fit any standard t-track with convenience.

The POWERTEC Clamps are mostly known for being versatile, this router clamp is no less. It can work seamlessly with application assortments which include the router table, saws, and router jigs. Each hold-down clamp has ergonomic features with a steel clamp screw that is plated. The foot of the clamp is a soft plastic non-marring cap that is paired with an anodized aluminum body. It has a 1 by 4-inch hex bolt head which slides smoothly into the t-track.

Product Features
  • It is 5 inches in length, 4.38 inches in width, and 0.6 inches in height 
  • It comes with hex head bolts 
  • It includes router jigs, saws, drills, and table
  • It has screw clamps that can slide
  • It can hold 1 by 4 to 2 inches thick wood stock 
  • It works with all types of routers
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It has an everlasting aluminum body
  • It fits any design that has a 1 by 4 hex head bolt
  • It works seamlessly
  • It is easy to use
  • It can secure a workpiece with a twist knob
  • They aren’t as versatile as other router clamps

If you prefer a versatile tool, go for this one. This clamp is easy to use. You just must place the fixed end, tighten it on the board, lock the lever and you will be more than ready to cut the wood.

5. POWERTEC T-Track Mini Hold-Down Clamp

diy cnc clamps

Larger jobs necessitate a router table fence that will not bend under stress, hence POWERTEC CNC clamps have again made it to our list with its Mini CNC hold down clamp. This clamp’s 6x3x1 extruded aluminum construction makes it far sturdier than clamps that are only 2 inches wide in diameter. This implies it will be less prone to bend when used with a router or circular saw. When putting up a cut, a wide clamp establishes a firm attachment to the board, while a scale including both metric and standard measures is useful for making accurate measurements.

It has a plastic and metal built with mini clamps to hold won the t-slots. Like every other POWERTEC CNC clamping tool, this also has a universal t-track system which makes the configuration and assembly convenient for the user. It comes with a high-tension clamping facility with non-marring clamping pads. This is one of the low-profile CNC clamps, but it has all the features and functions the best CNC router clamps can have.

Product Features
  • The T bolt is 3-1 by 2 inches long 
  • It comes with a universal t track system 
  • It has a 5-star knob
  • It has down clamp that are smaller in size 
  • The set comes with a T bolt, washer, and a threaded knob 
  • It has a lever shaped profile 
  • It comes with non-marring pads 
  • It has a high clamping capacity
  • It is durable due to grade anodized aluminum
  • It is ideal for holding, fixturing, and positioning
  • It ensures optimal leverage in workpiece accessibility
  • It provides a standard tracking system
  • The high clamping action provides you with accurate cuts
  • The five-star thread knob makes the work safe for the user
  • The predrilled holes sometimes don’t come with a right size
  • The head of the screws might stick up

The POWERTEC Mini Hold-down clamp ensures smooth function, making it no less than any other CNC clamps. For price and features, it is a fair deal making it one of the best CNC clamps for wood routing. You should get this one. 

6. INCRA Hold Down Clamp – Router Table Clamps


The INCRA cnc hold down clamp is an excellent clamping option that works well and precisely locks a workpiece during CNC routing. It permits the machine to create smooth and accurate cuts by achieving these standards. They are easy to use thanks to their user-friendly features and dynamic rotating design. There are several clamps in the industry, but they stand out because of their skeletal architecture, which allows you to perform consistently despite high torque cutting pressures.

Although these router clamps are practical and effective, a small percentage of consumers believe that the clamps’ cylinder does not move easily. Furthermore, the clamps’ finish is of poor quality. As a result, it may fall short of your aesthetic standards. When it comes to holding timber in place, however, they considerably outperform other basic T-slot hold down clamps.

Product Features
  • It weighs 0.4 pounds
  • It has t-slot to hold down the clamps
  •  It comes with aluminum components built 
  • It comes with an exclusive pivot design 
  • The dimensions are 4.1 inches in length, 4.85 inches in width, 1.95 inches in height 
  • It comes with a lock 
  • The bolt heads are hex shaped
  • It is compatible with all other INCRA accessories
  • It is ideal for build-it systems
  • The lock enables the consistent results
  • Long-lasting due to its aluminum built
  • It gives hassle-free clamping
  • It has a poor finish

The INCRA CNC router clamps are friendly to use and features and dynamic rotating design make them simple to use. There are various clamps on the market, but they stand out due to their skeletal architecture, which allows you to perform consistently even when cutting at high torques.

7. OSKOOL 2 Pack CNC Hold Down Clamp Kit – Wood CNC Clamps

cnc clamping solutions

OSKOOL is another great option to consider when you’re looking for hobbyist CNC router clamps. This CNC router clamp comes in a kit and has two clamps in a Single Pack. Now, how convenient is that? The material used to make these clamps are mainly plastic and metals. It is great for use in table saws and jigs. Some woodworkers also use it in panels and vertical milling machines. They offer a variety of functions that can be achieved. 

The kit includes a 5 by 16 inches thread T bolt with a 5-star knob, a washer, and a bent hold down clamp. All these things stop the clamp from bending the wooden piece. With the help of heavy-duty rubber pads on each side of clamp bars to prevent slipping, preventing any damage that it causes the workpiece. These CNC table clamps are versatile devices that can handle a wide range of tasks, including drill presses, router tables, jigs, and saw assemblies. The clamp can handle woodworking stocks with thicknesses ranging from 2 to1 by 2 inches.

Product Features
  • It comes with 18 thread T-bolts
  • The kit includes a 5-star knob and a washer
  • It has 1-inch bent clamps 
  • The t-tracks are equipped with jigs 
  • It has rubber pads on both sides of the CNC clamps 
  • It can take thickness up to 2 to 1 by 2 inches
  • The kit includes 2 packs of CNC router clamps
  • The rubber pads prevent the slipping of wood and provide anchor
  • The t-slots make the work secure for you
  • Ideal to use with routers of any company
  • It’s a versatile tool
  • It isn’t much durable because of the plastic used in its construction

This clamp is great for light work but it’s not durable for long-term or heavy-duty work. It works well in table saws and router jigs. It’s also used by some woodworkers in panels and vertical mills. They can be used to perform a wide range of functions.

8. Clear style T Track double-cut Jig Profile Universal T-track Clamp

best cnc clamps

With the exception that these come with pre-drilled holes, they are nearly identical to any standard cnc clamp on the market. These pre-drilled holes are suitable for use with a wood screw. As a result, make sure you use them to allow the cnc clamps to do their job. If you’re dealing with jigs or wrenches, you won’t be disappointed because they can fit into any cross-section configuration. Clear Style has created a design that is both functional and appealing. The slick black casing has a high-quality finish.

These anodized aluminum t-track hold down clamps work with both t-bolts and hex bolts. But then don’t forget to Redhill the holes so that hex bolts can be used. Also, if you’re surface attaching them, be in mind that they might not stay straight. These cnc clamps are fantastic because they operate well and have convenient geometric settings that make it simple to fit a CNC machine. Excellent value for money!

Product Features
  • It has universal t-tracks 
  • It comes with pre-drilled holes
  • It comes with a slick back casing 
  • It works with both t-bolt and hex bolt 
  • It also has a threaded knob
  • It is reasonable in price
  • It is easy to install and simple to use
  • It comes with a return and refund policy
  • The aluminum casing makes it durable
  • It can give double cuts
  • It doesn’t come with screws

You won’t be disappointed with this clear-style CNC router clamp if you’re working with jigs or wrenches because they can accommodate any cross-section configuration. Clear Style has come up with a design that is both functional and attractive. The smooth black case is finished to a high standard. This CNC router clamp is a great option if that’s the case.

9. Rockler CNC Clamps Mini Deluxe – CNC Edge Clamps

wood cnc clamps

This is a Rockler low profile CNC hold down clamp. The company’s Mini Deluxe Hold Down Clamp is a tiny, enhanced version. Lesser areas, such as shop-made jigs and benchtop router tables, are particularly adapted to it. Rubber pads are used to hide the clamps’ edges, resulting in smooth, pre-finished woodworking output. It has a low profile, making it simple to cut with a circle or miter saw. The circular saw or CNC router attachment. It can be used to make a T-square for woodworking tasks when paired with a T-fence. The straight edge may clamp on any level surface or table to provide stability. The guides provide you ultimate control over your heavy machinery during cutting.

This Rockler router clamp is lightweight and easy to move about the office. Rubberized surfaces are incorporated to aid in the attachment of the CNC clamps. The tool also includes a straight shaft with no bumps. It is a serious contender for the best CNC clamps on the market. When used regularly, the clamps’ handles are delicate and can rip off. The knobs of the clamp are held together with shoddy glue. It may be very long and arduous to remember.

Product Features
  • It is a low-profile CNC router clamp
  • It contains rubberized surfaces 
  • It has a straight shaft that has no ridges
  • It is compatible with a circular saw
  • It has a 4-star knob nut 
  • It is compatible with a standard T-track
  • The rubber tips of this router clamp are for protecting the workpiece
  • It has a solid built construction
  • It is preferred for daily work
  • It is affordable in price
  • The workpiece remains intact even with a heavy workload
  • The clamp has delicate handles
  • Works only on light material

This router clamp is small and portable, making it easy to move around the workshop. Rubberized surfaces are used to make it easier to connect the CNC clamps. The safe use, make it a great purchase option.

10. POWERMATIC CNC Hold-Down Clamps

cnc router clamps

CNC routing is all about two things, that are precision and accuracy. While working, you will certainly require a T-slot clamp to secure a workpiece rigidly at its T-track router table. The POWERMATIC comes with a  set of two clamps with a long 5 – 1 by 4 inches aluminum arm to clamp a material down. These are fantastic considering they cater to all the needs of the woodworker. It’s perfectly secure and it decreases the material’s vibration to a bare minimum. After one is done with the CNC router clamp, the results are unparalleled. The dimension of this router clamp is 13.3 inches x 9.2 inches x 4.3 in inches. 

The standard size bolts fit perfectly into CNC router tables. These CNC clamps are produced in Taiwan. This router clamp is on the pricey side. The good thing is that they don’t require any batteries and come with a 1-year warranty.

Product Features
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • The measurement system is metric 
  • It comes in an aluminum built
  • It can hold workpieces up to 2 – 1 by 2 inches 
  • The rubber tips included in this kit are predrilled 
  • It has a 48 inches t-track system
  • It is durable due to its alloy construction
  • It has a set of two clamps
  • It enables the double-cut design
  • This router clamp reduces the vibration
  • The bolts are compatible and in standard size
  • It doesn’t include any standard t-clamps
  • They are a little pricey

This CNC table clamp comes with bolts that are conventional in size and will fit into CNC router tables and drill presses. However, if you don’t want them to be too high and are obstructing your path, you can make a small alteration by trimming the screws to match your CNC equipment adequately.

11. POWERTEC T-track with 2 Hold Down Clamps

cnc clamps

The POWERTEC 71160 Universal T-Track Clamps have a 48-inch stepped T-Track frame, two 52-inch hold-down clamps, and one 18-inch hold-down clamp, assuring strong support and dynamic performance in benchtop settings. Delivers a robust, solid clamping hold in your stepped T-Track frames for work projects with widths ranging from 2 to 12 inches. The balanced adjustability is ensured by the simple tightening 5-star clamp twist knob. The strong rubber clamping pads improve the clamping hold and won’t harm the stock.

Three 12-inch precision-machined t-bolts and five 5 by 16 washers are included in the kit. Finally, the T-Track frame’s aluminum structure offers maximum durability for long usage. For robust support and versatility in your tabletop applications, the kit contains one 48-inch international t-track and two 5 to 1 by 2-inch x 1 to 1 by 8-inch hold-down clamps. In ubiquitous t-tracks, it provides a robust, muscular clamping hold for work materials with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 1 by 2 inches. It has a 5-star tightening knob that allows for maximum flexibility.

Product Features
  • The set has 48 inches universal t-track 
  • It includes two 5-1 by 2 inches and 1-1 by 8 inches hold down clamps for solid support 
  • It contains a hand tightening 5-star knob 
  • It also contains a washer 
  • The universal t-tracks has up to 2 to 1 by 2 inches thickness 
  • It contains t-bolts with dimensions 3 to 1 by 2 inches to 5 by 16 inches
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is compatible with the other Powertech products
  • It has solid support because of hold-down clamps
  • It is adjustable due to the clamp knob
  • It is versatile and has various benchtop applications
  • It gives a beefy hold for clamping
  • It is long-lasting because of its aluminum construction
  • It is to be handled delicately
  • The package doesn’t include screws

For robust support and versatility in your tabletop applications, this CNC router clamp is one of the tops used commercially by a lot of woodworkers. It has more pros than cons which makes it a good CNC clamp for you, to order.

12. Genmitsu T-track Mini Hold Down Clamps


Genmitsu is also one of the top woodworking CNC clamps that are specially designed to give the user a quick release and fixtures. They are mainly used in workshops and garages where high-speed tools are required for work. They are also considered a great option for repetitive work. The Genmitsu Mini hold-down set contains 4 pieces which include cam levers, 3 T-bolts, steel washers, and a rubber washer as well. It features a universal 5 by 16 to 18 inches threaded insert which makes it compatible with all the devices.

This tool comes with a cam lock which makes the device secure to use when it is activated. It also ensures a smooth flow of work due to its quick locks and smooth release. For durability, it is made up of an aluminum cat and has a blue anodized coating finish. This value anodized coating enables it to be used for a long time and to wear resistance. This tool has numerous applications which include hold-down clamping projects, T-track, router, or drill press table fence optimization, and benchtop operations as well.

Product Features
  • It has alloy steel built 
  • It weighs 0.2 kg, which makes it easy to lift
  • Zinc and aluminum are used to construct the down clamps 
  • The dimensions are 50mm in length, 20mm in width, and 56mm in height 
  • It has a standard t-tracking system 
  • It holds material up to 30mm 
  • The zinc and aluminum make it durable and increase resistance
  • It is compatible with Genmitsu 3018 series
  • It can also hold the material of desktop
  • This cnc router clamp has the versatility
  • It has a great clamping action
  • It is ideal for metal and wood work
  • It sometimes comes with some missing screws

The Genmitsu cnc router clamps have been one of the most popular woodworking CNC router clamps, with features such as rapid release and fixings. They’re mostly utilized in workshops and garages where high-speed equipment is needed.

Best CNC Clamps 2024 PDF

best cnc clamps 2023

Buying Guide For Best CNC Clamps

A CNC edge clamp’s quality is determined by the grip material, length, and rigidity of its construction. Continue reading to learn more about important considerations to make when purchasing a straight edge clamp.

Swivel Heads

The swivel heads enable the clamps to take the material at an angle to either create a straight fence for miter circular saw cuts or to allow the fence to attach to pieces of wood with unparallel edge. A good CNC clamps system should be able to grip the material firmly without harming it and withstand a substantial level of strain.


A CNC clamp should be wide enough to serve as a reference for cutting through wide boards and big chunks of plywood that are too large to pass through such a table saw to be useful. Most CNC clamps are somewhere between 36 inches to 50 inches in length to accommodate this.

Clamping Mechanism

To ensure a straight and accurate cut, the clamping mechanism secures the clamp to the material top. The mechanism consists of a stationary end that presses against one side of the material and a moving end that slides against the other. If the clamping mechanism fails, the clamp will slip on the material while cutting, causing the cut to be thrown off.


The clamping method is typically made of metal and rugged plastic to ensure it is strong enough to hold the clamp firmly to the work material. A rubberized coat on the clamping face must grip the substance without having left indentations that could damage it.


Most of the CNC router clamps are made to be simple to use. The clamps include broad levers on the clamping mechanisms that allow the operator to quickly tighten the clamp onto a big workpiece. Saw plates are included in certain clamps, making it easier and more exact to use these CNC clamps with a circular saw, router, or jigsaw.

FAQs on Best CNC Clamps

How can I hold down CNC router parts?

Through clamp you can easily hold or press two or more parts tightly together. If you want secure and efficient woodworking project results then clamps help you in this regard. In clamping appliances work together to hold clamp on the upper part of work pieces.

How to spread pressure evenly across wood?

When clamping G or F clamps, use wooden waste blocks between clamping faces and work. This ensures a uniform distribution of pressure across the most important surface, reducing the possibility of indenting within the work.

How do you keep a 90-degree angle while clamping?

When gluing and clamping, make sure to utilize clamping squares to retain 90-degree edges at a proper angle.

How are toe clamps best?

Toe clamps are low profile and controlling clamps with less interference with measuring and cutting instruments. They are mostly used for jig borers, faceplates, mills, drill presses as well as for planners.


Although all the CNC router clamps mentioned are some of the best, these are the top ones for us.

  1. Hot Favorable T-track Hold Down Woodworking Clamps
  2. INCRA Hold down clamp

If you’re a dedicated craftsman, you’ll want to make sure you have the best CNC clamps for said job. Because of how shaky things can get with the vibrations and so much material being cut, most projects done by woodworkers or hobbyists will be intense. The best part about clamps is how affordable they are. You can purchase them individually or in two-piece sets. In any case, make sure they meet the requirements of your project. Clamping is the first and most important step in every CNC routing process. As a result, make sure your CNC router clamps can hold a workpiece securely in place.

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