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9 Best Router Templates 2024 – For Woodworking Masterpieces

Best Router Templates

What is the most effective instrument for cutting wood quickly and precisely?

A router template can now be used to assure perfect and identical cuts when woodworking to achieve equal cuts.

You can repeat the process indefinitely when you have finalized the template guide.

It is critical to have the precise shape of the router template guide to produce a high-quality result.

And there are only a few items on the market that can provide the performance level that carpenters expect.

A best router template guide would be an essential addition to your woodshop.

Wood routing can be a little difficult if you’re just starting out.

The router template guides make it a lot easier and more interesting.

It develops the interest of a beginner and polishes a skill of a professional.

These are more than enough reasons to buy these.

This template guide review will look at different manufacturers of router templates to help you select the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Best Router Templates

Editor’s Pick: Best Router Templates for Sign Making

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router template guide
door hinge router template

Best Router Templates Reviews 2024

As we all know, these are extremely valuable in the woodcutting industry, particularly when performing several similar cuts.

When it comes to cutting, there are many different types of cuts, and if you are using the wrong instrument, you will have a difficult time producing the template guide that you require.

The following is a list that may be of use in sorting out your requirements.

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1. POWERTEC 71051 Router Template Guide Set

best router templates

Working with huge boards has the potential to cause the board to split, depending on how much relative humidity is present in the environment at the time.

To solve the problem, early woodworkers devised a butterfly that could be inlaid into a board to prevent this from splitting.

In addition to being used to secure the crack top, it can also be utilized to conceal flaws on the surface, providing a new design feature.

They are sandwiched between grains of wood to avoid the board from falling apart over time.

With the help of the POWERTEC 71105, it is simple to manufacture butterfly inlays.

It is a transparent hardened acrylic variant that has been sculpted into butterfly insert templates.

The butterfly template is user-friendly for beginners due to its ease of use and lack of fuss that makes it possible to utilize.

A four-piece set of hard acrylics with butterfly inlay patterns is contained within the package.

A quarter-inch thick butterfly inlay template is included, as well as seven other butterfly sizes ranging from 1-inch x 1-5/8 inch all the way up to 4-1 by 2-inch x 5-1/2 inch.

POWERTEC butterfly templates are made of reinforced acrylic, which ensures high quality in terms of template inlay and template quality.

In woodworking, this is an absolute material, which makes it an excellent pattern guide for creating strong templates.

The compatibility of a template is a consideration in most template manuals.

It’d be difficult to maneuver if the tools being used were not compatible with one another.

It is interoperable with any brand of the router bit, just as it is with the POWERTEC router bit.

Product Features

  • Includes 10-Piece Router Template Guide Bushing Set with 8 guide bushings
  • 2 lock nuts and a carrying case are included in the kit
  • Guide sizing of 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 51/64″, 3/4″ and 1″ bushings are included in the kit
  • This handles general routing applications, hinge butt routing, and comes with dovetail support
  • Offers a convenient assortment of router bushings designed to accommodate a variety of popular routing applications
  • Fits Porter-Cable style router subbases with 1-3 by 16″ diameter center hole – including popular models from Craftsman, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee and more
  • Equipped with plastic features a cushioned form-fitting foam interior designed to accommodate each solid brass component for easy storage and safe transportation
  • It is easy to use
  • Durable than many other plastic and DIY templates
  • This produces impeccable and precise butterfly inlays
  • Convenient as you don’t need to change your current power tool to fit the butterfly inlay template
  • The template guide is specifically made for butterfly inlay usage
  • Specific adapters may be required to fit other models


Interested in butterfly inlay usage? Then we cannot emphasize enough how much this router template guide is excellent.

You should try this one out!

2. Milescraft 1212 SignPRO Sign Making Kit for Routers

router sign making templates

The second on the list is the Milescraft router template kit.

Cutting a precise circle is tricky if you have a guide.

Other than the router template guides for beginners, you might also have guidance for cutting flawless circles.

With this type of template guide, you receive all that you need for cutting circles from 1-1/2-inch to 52-inch.

Included in the packing are a circle jig, a big circle jig, an offsetting base, a turn-lock TM base plate, a drill bit, a drill bit, a centering needle, bushing, and mounting hardware.

The circular Jig can carefully cut 1-1/2-inch to 12-inch circles, while a big jig can cut 10-inch to 52-inch circles.

Both jigs are built using measuring scales, the metric & imperial.

It also features a simple little window that is labeled as I and O.

I for interior cuts and O for exterior cuts.

In case you are curious about the I and O letters on both sides of the reading window on both ends of the scales, they are indeed the inside and outside diameters.

It will give the exact size of the incision that you require.

With CircleGuideKit, you can simply make circle tops, coasters, stereos, and circular tables that you have always wanted.

Product Features

  • Includes a 1 by 4 inch and 3 by 8-inch Tungsten Carbide tipped router bits
  • It Includes a turn-n-lock base plate 
  • Comes with a metal nose bushing
  • The kit includes a low-profile C Clamps 
  • The new end frames provide a stable routing surface
  • Includes over 200 self-spacing durable polymer blend templates
  • It can cut a perfect circle
  • This router template is easy to use
  • Ideal for cutting once the router base is assembled and positioned correctly
  • Efficient product with a reasonable price
  • Possibility of using any type of router with the base
  • It is only for circular cutouts


With CircleGuideKit, you can simply make circle tops, coasters, stereos, and circular tables that you have always wanted.

If you’re looking for such a router table template, then definitely opt for this one.

3. Aluminum Alloy Radius Jig Router Templates

acrylic router templates

Third on the list is the Aluminum Alloy Radius Jig Router template.

This template for woodworking is one of the most well-known router templates out there.

It is made of a high-hardness aluminum alloy, and this product is both solid and long-lasting in usage.

Table routers in the R10, R15, R20, and R30 sizes.

Treatment on the surface: anodized aluminum (non-spray) in red color.

This Radius Jig Router Templates package includes a corner radius quick-jig in the types R10*R15 and R20*R30, as well as an R10*R15 quick-jig in type R20*R30.

Excellent design and build quality.

Because the support edges are long and strategically placed, the Jig can rapidly and securely lock into the appropriate position as long as the stock is 90 degrees on the edge of the router table.

These have a lovely machined and anodized finish, and they are precise.

They are perfect for router table work.

With these, you can cut perfectly round outside radiuses!

A woodworker’s tool that is both practical and professional in its ability to make working smooth and efficient.

R10, R15, R20, and R30 are laser engraving numbers.

The foam has been added, and the case has been securely sealed so that it will not be damaged.

It is simple to transport.

It is professional and simple to use aluminium template guide.

To copy a template corner, locate it on the required corner of your wood and drag it to the desired location.

Product Features

  • Made of high hardness aluminum alloy
  • Surface treatment is anodized aluminum 
  • Each Radius Jig Router Templates set includes corner radius quick Jig 
  • Laser engraving R10 R15 R20 R30
  • The foam is inserted, safely packed in the case, and won’t get dinged
  • It comes with various template designs 
  • The high-quality material makes it last long
  • It comes in an attractive red color
  • It is easy to operate for beginners and as well as professionals
  • It comes in a case
  • It gives off perfect cuts and finishes
  • They don’t leave a strange divot where the router first contacts the piece


Need a long-lasting and sturdy built router templates, go for this one!

4. PORTER-CABLE Router Template Guide – 9-Piece

diy router templates

This special Router Bushing Set is made up of a comprehensive and practical collection of guidelines that will help you to optimize your routing applications and save time.

As a bonus, it comes with guidelines for hinge routing & dovetail applications, as well as two lock nuts for quick and secure mounting onto router subbases with 1-3/16″ center holds.

Excellent for duplicating patterns and shapes, as well as for usage with a variety of templates.

The set includes seven high-quality bushings as well as two necessary locknuts.

There’s no need to run to the shop to pick up a different-sized guide when you already have one in this convenient set.

With this important gear, you can save time and trouble while increasing the efficacy and satisfaction of your woodworking efforts.

It’s the perfect gift for any carpenter or DIY enthusiast, and it’s sure to make them grin.

Put this tool to use in your woodworking shop or on the Jobsite for precise routing applications.

Have fun creating stunning wood installations with this precise bushing set that you can easily access when you have it near at hand.

With this high-quality and cost-effective bundle, you’ll get a competitive advantage.

Product Features

  • Several template guides to support a wide variety of routing applications
  • It comes with guides 42024, 42033, 42036 and 42045 for general routing applications
  • The guide 42042 supports hinge butt routing
  • Guides 42027 and 42057 complement dovetailing applications
  • 2 Lock Nuts 42237 are included for securing the guides to the router sub-base
  • Template guides fit standard 1-3/16-inch diameter center hole router sub-bases
  • It gives a high-quality product
  • It is cost-effective
  • Works very well on the Festool OF1400
  • It saves a lot of time
  • The guides are perfectly secured due to 2 lock nuts
  • It provides a secure mounting on router bases
  • It is made up of low-grade metal


Looking for a perfect gift for your DIY enthusiast friend or a perfect template for your woodwork shop?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

This routing template gives off a quality product and saves time as well.

5. Milescraft 1219 Circle Cutter Bonus Offset Base

best router template guides

With the Milescraft CircleGuideKit, you can cut circles in various sizes ranging from 1.5″ in diameter to 52″ in circumference.

This device is compatible with most cnc routers thanks to the TurnLock baseplate provided.

Because the CircleGuideKit takes care of everything for you and contains whatever you need to slice your chosen circle, there is no longer the need for your DIY circle cutting router Jig.

It also comes with an additional offset base that may be used to finish the edges of your workpiece.

The latitude adjustment blocks for a residence equatorial spike for the telescope are seen in the image to the right.

You can contemplate using the drill press to cut the slits.

With this kit, all you must do is properly draw the boundaries, set a set crank as a stop, & cut the slits swiftly.

It was just as simple to measure the outer circumference of the block for the outer diameter.

The process of bringing the scale back to its precise diameter, even after resetting it since the screw was concealed at the 10″ diameter, was simple.

Product Features

  • Circle with a small radius Jig cuts circles with diameters ranging from 1.5″ to 12″.
  • A large Jig circle cuts circles with diameters ranging from 10″ to 52″.
  • Imperial and metric scales are incorporated into the small and big circle jigs
  • Simple readout display for adjusting the diameter of both your inner and outside cuts
  • Circle jigs connect fast & simply to the supplied turn-and-lock circle guide head
  • Equipped with the proprietary turn-n-lock technology, which allows for quick and easy tool-free guide installation
  • The big handle knob is simple to hold and provides improved control over the router
  • Replacement of bushings and router attachments
  • Universal baseplate for most routers
  • Everything emerges in a sturdy box that keeps all the pieces together
  • 13″ offset base gives additional stability while completing the edges of the workpiece with the router
  • The scale is inaccurate, so don’t depend on it alone


If you are interested in cutting circles in various sizes ranging from 1.5″ in diameter to 52″ in circumference, then consider buying this Milescraft templates for woodworking.

6. Radius Jig Aluminium Alloy Router Templates

router inlay templates

The depth of the side guide is 5 millimeters.

Because the material is 1/8 inches thick, they won’t operate unless you add a sacrificial shim piece to boost the overall height to more than 5 millimeters (0.197 inches), which will ensure that the guide doesn’t ride on the router table.

It is a top template guide. 

It wasn’t easy to get perfectly rounded corners in any project until recently.

The use of the Whitehead spiral 1/4-inch bit in the router table, in conjunction with 7 by 8-inch white wood, made it possible to quickly and easily create lovely, rounded corners.

These need to have a prominent place on your pegboard; they’re that important.

Product Features

  • R5 R10 R15 R20 R25 R30 Laser Engraving
  • Each template is 80mm by 80mm by 19mm / 3.15″ by 3.15″ by 0.75″ in size
  • We named this suite of tools Radius Quick-Jig because it enables you to cut the corner of a wood panel (Corner Jig). With them, you can create beautiful outside radiuses!
  • A useful and skilled woodworker’s tool for smooth and quick work
  • Suitable for cutting flawless outside radiuses on a variety of boards
  • It can be used for picture frame edges, table & chair edges or corners, corner & wood panel trimming, & so forth
  • The solid block of metal is CNC machined
  • Surface Preparation Corrosion-resistant anodized red surface
  • The forms are nice and durable, but there could be a better method to secure them


If your products require perfectly finished edges and neat work, then why don’t you consider buying this router edge guide

7. Router Template BOSCH Guide Set

bosch router template guide

The Bosch RA1128 8 Template Guide sets are big and small joint router guides and two radius connector guides.

Included is a fast template guide adapter and the RA1100 Interface with Threaded Template Guides.

The adapter accommodates Bosch RA template guides.

Use the RA1100 interfacing piece to accommodate Porter-Cable and other popular threaded template guides (including reducer inserts) with a 1-3/8″ counter-bore.

With this template guide set, you may use the Bosch 1613AEVS router and the plunge bases with Bosch palm routers.

A big ring with a screw and nut serves as the adapter.

These screws go into the Colt plunging router base holes and keep the ring where the template guides go.

The guides twist into holes on the adapter ring to secure the ring.

On the outer side of both the adapter, there is a huge black square button that you pull back, which allows the guides to install into the adapter.

The sliding adapter part snaps back, and the guides are securely retained once you activate the black button.

There are other slots.

You may also clip around templates of designs and create your templates.

Product Features

  • Includes big and small mortise router guides plus two radius hinge guides
  • Quick-change template guide adapter – enables to replace Bosch router template guides without using any tools
  • Compatible with Bosch 1613AEVS, 1617, 1618, 1619, MR23 Series routers, and plunge foundations for Bosch palm routers
  • The RA1100 interface piece gives a template guide adapter more flexibility by accommodating Porter-Cable
  • Other common threaded template guides that fit it into 1-3/8 Inch Counter-bore
  • Template guidelines increase the router’s capabilities
  • Toolless template changing with a quick-change template guideline adapter
  • Bosch RA1128 Router Guide is both functional and versatile
  • Bosch routers & plunge platforms for Bosch palms routers are compatible
  • For Jobsite organization, template instructions come in a sturdy, portable carrying case
  • Every single one of the guide bushings is longer than what was described


This a perfect all-rounder router edge guide with toolless template-changing capabilities.

We highly recommend getting this good router template guide.

8. State Park Router Template Font Letter

router letter templates

With this immediately identifiable “State Park” typeface wood sign creating router kit, you can create classic wood signs.

Our letter router sign printer templates include adjustable kerning for a natural-looking text layout with crisp, uniform spacing.

You obtain crisp, entire letters with no seams and the router templates with a woodworking innovative 2-stage approach.

Splitting letters like A, B, & D to secure the “eye” in the center isn’t necessary.

The router sign kit needs a 3/8″ Signmaker’s Tungsten Router Bit (available separately) and is best used with a plunge router with a perforated base.

The templates are barely an eighth of an inch thick.

That permission is granted in the needed template guide.

All the templates are made of semi-durable plastic.

If one applies too much sideways pressure during routing, they’ll bend. You can experience this issue at first.

However, it wasn’t locking down the plunge router during routing.

Product Features

  • Professional signage is made easy with a new interlocking template collection
  • The kerning spacers always provide equal letters
  • Templates 99 letters, symbols, numerals, and kerning spacers are included
  • In the routing letter templates, two adjacent grooves interlock in our hybrid sign set from Rockler
  • Size Maker Use the wizard to create a custom routing plan with visual assistance to the controller template sequence & number of passes required
  • Kerning Maintains Letter Spacing
  • Dimensions are 10.5 by 9.4 by 2 inches
  • Use a state park font characters template with customizable kerning
  • Our interlock sign set from Rockler contains a brass guiding bushing
  • Letters like E & N are one-pass templates
  • It’s simple and generates a lovely letter
  • The templates will be ruined if you rehearse with the character “Z” and switch to other letters


With this router edge guide, you can create a custom routing plan with visual assistance to the controller template sequence.

So, if you are a creative woodworker, this router template guide is a good option for you.

9. Brass Template  Router Sub-Base of Cable Porter Style

laser cut router templates

Use this O’skool 10 pieces Brass Router Bushing Template Guides with an outdated Cable Porter 529 router.

They are compatible with the router.

It is mostly used as decorative template.

Once they have been placed, bushings have a perfect fit and are flush only with the router’s base.

The locking nuts may be straightforwardly attached to the bushings.

The plastic storage box looks precisely the same as the photo, is nicely manufactured (for a plastic case), and ought to accomplish your needs.

All the parameters listed in the description are about the overall dimensions of the pilot.

You always have the option to move your cursor over the photos, which will cause them to expand and provide you with the ability to read the OD and ID of every bushing in raised letters.

Since Dewalt has acquired Porter Cable, template bushings will be compatible.

Product Features

  • Kit with a Brass Template and a Guide, 10 Pieces
  • The kit comes complete with two lock nuts and eight pieces of bushing guide in the sizes 5/16″ by 3/8″ by 7/16″ by 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 5/16″, and 1″.
  • Universal design permits it to be used with any router with a base plate
  • A center hole was measuring 1-3/16 inches in diameter
  • Blow-molded carrying & storage case that is both sturdy and lightweight
  • Compatible with routers that have subbases in the Porter-Cable style
  • This ten-piece Brass Guide Template Kit will help you get the most out of your router
  • Stair routing, pattern & dovetailing, hinge routing, craft/hobby work
  • Any router with a 1-3/16″* dia. center hole may use this universal design
  • Finding which ones will suit the DeWalt router trim plunge base is difficult.


This is a solid bras guide. It is also one of the top router template guides available in the market.

Things to Consider when Buying Best Router Templates

There are several various brands of bushing guides available on the market, and you should conduct thorough research to determine which one you require before making a purchase.

The following are the considerations to consider before deciding on whether or not to purchase bushing guides for your router.


If you intend to purchase a router template, make certain that it is compatible with your router; otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

It is preferable to choose a router template that is created by the same company in order to have a more secure option of size.

Material Taking into consideration the material used for the template guide is also important; when it comes to the longevity of the bushing guide, there are just a few options when it comes to bushing materials.

Brass bushings are quite popular and widely used, owing to the fact that the majority of bushings are composed of brass.

They help to reduce friction between the bushing and the end of the template’s end cap.

It also has the ability to withstand loose vibration, wetness, and dampness.

Because of their outstanding performance, brass bushings are used by the majority of manufacturing companies.

Center and Diameter

If you intend to purchase a bushing guide as a single piece rather than as a set, you should evaluate the center diameter that you will require.

If you intend to use it as a pattern bit, you should take into consideration the amount of offset that will be required to create the patterns.

You may also want to consider purchasing a template guide that has the least amount of loose vibration when the bushing is in use, as described above.

If it is unable to withstand vibration, it will quickly wear away.

Brand Value

When purchasing something, whether it’s a tool for your router or something else, never just go for the costliest item on the shelf at the grocery store or in a department store.

Always read the reviews to determine whether anything is worth the money or not.

There are several leading brands of guide bushings from which to pick.

These include Freud, MLCS, CMT, and Whiteside.

FAQs regarding Best Router Templates

What are template guides?

Template guides are basically templates that help woodworkers to work more accurately.

The base of your router is modified to accept best router template guides, which then guide the router along the perimeter of a template.

They can be used to precisely routing the edge of your stock to a certain form, to precisely rout cavities and mortises, or even to precisely boreholes in precisely positioned locations.

How thick should a router template be?

To ensure that there is sufficient bearing surface, the material used for the template should have a thickness of at least 3/8 of an inch but no more than 1 1/4 inches.

The templates that you use should be crafted out of a strong and affordable material like MDF.

How do I use a router template?

There are a variety of applications for the template router.

A corner cabinet will contain diamond-shaped shelves that have straight edges, but most of those straight sides will not be parallel to one another.

The use of a router, a template, and a flush-trim bit makes it possible to form irregular forms rapidly and easily, such as these.

Template routing makes it simple to create multiple copies of curved components, such as drawer fronts and legs.

You only need to create a single template that is the proper shape, and the router bit will take care of the rest of the work for you.

Using a template during the construction of delicate casework helps to guarantee that the dividers and partitions are aligned accurately.

A graduated set of templates that register to the side of the case rather than measuring and marking the location of dados with corresponding dividers provides pinpoint accuracy.

This eliminates the need to measure and record the dados.

Final Thoughts

It is best to choose those that are made of brass but are not too pricey if you are the sort of person who doesn’t really like to haggle over quality while still obtaining a good deal.

However, if you are willing to spend more money to obtain the quality that you desire, you can select from among the top manufacturers of the router template guide.

Whatever type or brand of guide bushing you choose; I hope this router template review has been of assistance to you in your endeavors in finding the best router template guide.

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