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9 Best Router Lift Kit 2023 – Kreg, JessEm, Incra, Rockler Lifts

Top router lift

Isn’t it irritating to take the router off the router table every time you need to make a slight adjustment in your work?

When you just begin working in the woodwork industry, you easily notice that time is of the essence.

As a result, you will undoubtedly choose the tools that make your life easier.

Well, that is where a router lift comes in handy. A router lift kit can make or break your woodwork projects.

To make the process smooth, you’ll want to have one!

But who produces the best router lift, you might wonder?

Well, you have come to the right place.

We tested and chose the nine best router lifts available in the town, just for you.

Top router lift kit

Why do we need Router Lift Kits?

Precision is crucial in woodworking since it impacts the ultimate quality of your structure.

When cutting, trimming, or combining components, you may need to alter the height of the pieces.

That is why the best router lifts for woodworking are essential.

It will be simple to adjust and make precise cuts with the correct instrument.

If you don’t use a router very often, it may seem that you don’t need one but if you use your router frequently than it’s a necessity for you.

There are so many companies that produce these lifts.

Be it INCRA, JessEM, Kreg or even Rockler router lift.

But the question is which one’s for you?

Editor’s Pick: Router Lift Kit Review

Woodpecker ROUTER LIFT Kit

Best Router Lifts for Woodworking 2023

So, that you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding the perfect router, we are here with a list of routers lift kits.

We listed the features with the pros and cons of each kit.

So, that you may find your ideal router lift kit.

kreg vs jessem router lift
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rockler router lift
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jessem vs incra router lift JESSEM ROUTER LIFT MAST-R-LIFT II
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jessem vs incra router lift JESSEM ROUTER LIFT II 023103
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best router table lift JET XACTA LIFT WITH DELUXE FENCE
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1. KREG Router Lift Kit

Best for Woodworking
Kreg router lift review

Is it even a list if Kreg router lifts aren’t on it?

You won’t have to keep struggling anymore for the rotation of the body of the router for the required height.

Taking the first place, Kreg’s a solid middle-of-the-pack solution.

Not only it offers its service at a reasonable price but also has several benefits.

The KREG’s skips levelling screws on the underside of the plate, depending instead on a different piece of hardware to keep it level on the table.

If you’re inserting it into a KREG’s benchtop router table, it’ll work perfectly.

It’s the best thing to get if you’re on a budget. With Kreg router lift, you will be able to obtain a smoother lift and adjustment.

At the same time, this model is priced in the middle of the range, with little control.

YouTube video

Product Features

  • Reducing rings
  • Bearing guided shafts
  • Positive locking mechanism
  • Hard-anodized aluminum plate
  • Fits 20+ latest routers
  • It has an anodized plate that provides a rigid surface to resist scratching
  • The crank can be used to modify the bit’s height
  • Accepts 20+ popular routers
  • The carriage on the Kreg’s PS5000 is bearing guided, allowing for smooth movement while readjusting
  • Kreg’s PS5000’s carriage is bearing guided which helps to create smooth movement as you make adjustments
  • It might need an adaptor with some models to make the router and lift compatible which might prove to be inconvenient for you
  • One still needs to level the router from under the table. This can cause difficulty as one goes back and forth during router installation

2. JessEm Mast R Router Lift II

Universal Router Lift
best jessem router lift kit

The second on the list is, JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02121 Router Lift.

This router includes several unique characteristics, including a cam lock system.

The model’s durability facilitates movement in the workspace.

As a result, it’s ideal for fine-tuning or bringing up the part that needs to be modified.

The dial can also be zeroed out for extra precision.

There’s a catch!

This router lift is compatible with all the models.

If you end up buying this, then you have nothing to worry about!

YouTube video

Product Features

  • The router bit opening is approximately 3-1/2″.
  • Inserting rings with Tab LOC Design
  • Ball bearings with two seals
  • Tension feature
  • A locking mechanism is built into the table from above.
  • Jessem router lift is Compatible with practically all fixed base type router models
  • Aluminum that has been machined to eliminate sagging and abrasion
  • To attain greater precision, the dial can be zeroed out
  • The router has an uneven top which may prove to be a drawback for the woodworker

3. Rockler Pro Router Lift Plate

Best for Beginners
Rockler router lift

This Rockler Pro Lift Router kit is a little pricey, but it’s designed for tasks that are demanding on daily basis.

The rocker router lift is easily operate-able, coming with a sag-free built which enables it to support heavy-duty material.

In the lift, a single router ensures that the router motor is unmistakably present.

The locking component is easily adjusted to meet the dimensions of the motor casing.

Because the plates are flexible, they are compatible with all the most recent router tables.

As a result, it works with a wide range of routers, from medium to small.

It can be used with routers such as the DeWalt, Bosch, Porter-Cable, and others.

As a result, you may say it’s the best router lift.

The engine position in the lift instrument was monitored during the in-shop testing, with no slippage noticed If you have a Craftsman router, it fits like a glove.

rockler router lift reivew

Product Features

  • Marks that are indexed
  • 2. 3/8″ thick machined aluminum
  • 3. Insert ring with a 1-1/2″ aperture
  • 4. Router Compatibility
  • The plates are compatible with all kinds of router tables
  • Ships in less than 4 days
  • Sag-free Support system
  • Rockler lift has a bit for height adjustment
  • No international shipment
  • Heavy as compared to other router lifts

4. JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift Kit

Professional Router Lift
jessem router lift kit

Known as the best router lift for woodworkers, the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift is stand-alone with its amazing features.

Its sturdiness is well known that if a tank could run it over and it wouldn’t be able to hurt it.

The threaded spindles are enabled by five rigid double-sealed bearings, which reduce backlash and vibration.

The tool has an innovative cam locking system that enables heavy-duty and long-term routing.

Even when used with heavy routers, the Lift’s double sealed bearing system makes it durable and reliable.

It’s made of 3/8-inch-thick solid aluminum that’s been Hard Anodized for extra toughness.

Without the need for an adaptor collar, the unit will fit most static base routers.

It takes less than 10 minutes to have operational and running.

Isn’t that incredible?

YouTube video

Product Features

  • Unique Cam Locking System
  • Constructed with 2 sealed bearings
  • Aluminum and Strong Anodized for long-term use.
  • Fits the majority of today’s modern fixed base routers
  • It is compatible with almost all models of the router
  • It has a strong locking system
  • It is long-lasting, even with heavy routers
  • It cannot be used with static base routers

5. JessEm Router Lift II 023103

Motorized Router Lift
jessem router lift review

This Jessem Lift has a unique feature: a double-sealed ball-bearing construction unit that allows you to easily elevate and lower your motor.

You should check out JessEm Rout-R-Lift II if you want to get more out of your 312-inch router without breaking the bank.

If the motor is a 3.5-inch diameter then.

The router’s diameter motors are compatible with DW 610/616/618, Porter-Cable 690/890, Bosch 1617/1618, and any other router.

While the Rout-R-Lift II is not expensive, it doesn’t skimp where it matters.

It only comes with one insert collar, however, JessEm offers additional collars for purchase.

The plus point about this router is that its spindle has a bearing that allows it to rise and come to a lower height without any hassle.

Product Features

  • Locking System with Cam
  • Made with 2 sealed bearings
  • Anodized for heavy use.
  • Latest Routers are compatible
  • It only has a double-sealed design for ball bearing but also has aluminum and phenolic plates
  • It provides strong lift support and bears a load of Lift as well
  • You might need to purchase extra corner brackets and mounting plates
  • Comes with only one collar

6. INCRA Router Lift Mast R II

Portable Router Lift
incra router lift kit

Most machines emphasize precision, adjustability, and ease of use, while the INCRA Router Lift kit concentrates on features those professional woodworker’s desire.

The technology this router has is so precise that it enables height adjustments of 0.001 inches.

As a result, you may obtain the finest details with this lift, that’s incredible!

The drop-in kit for this router has an 814-by-1134-inch metal work surface that fits in many smaller router tables and can also be used for unique configurations on smaller workbenches.

It has above-table adjustments as well as a heavy-duty spindle lock to help you locate and hold the perfect height for your job.

Product Features

  • Magna LOCK reducing ring system
  • 5 steel reducing rings
  • 0.001” height adjustments
  • Ultra-responsive
  • Patented thread tensioning system
  • INCRA’s Magnalock collars are featured in it
  • Allows the Workers to make changes swiftly
  • It has a portable design
  • It is rustproof
  • It is heavy
  • It works with limited router models

7. JET XACTA Lift with Deluxe Fence 708124

Fine Woodworking
jet xacta router lift kit

The world is full of multi-thousand-dollar commercial-grade woodwork instruments.

Another fine piece of engineering is, the Jet XACTA router lift that fits the precise standards with a home shop price tag.

The main plate is 11-3/4″ x 14-3/4″ x 3/16″ inches with solid aluminum.

The plate is anodized for durability.

This Jet Router lift uses a pre-drilled master plate.

The center hole takes up to 3 1/2″ raise in the panel bit.

The plate has a convenient leveling system.

The crank is a belt-driven system and as such has some slack when changing the direction of travel.

It has been engineered to provide great support to match the lift’s outstanding accuracy.

Product Features

  • Bit depth adjustment up to 2-1/2″
  • 11-3/4″ X 14-3/4″ X 1/4″ Strongly Anodized Aluminum Plate
  • Two Solid shafts steel 3/4″
  • 3-5/8 router bits.
  • The crank has a belt-driven system
  • It has a split face and vacuum attachment
  • It is durable
  • It has a pre-drilled master plate
  • It has congested attachment points
  • It is not compatible with the market’s miter slot

8. Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift PRL-V2-414

Router Lift for Money
woodpeckers router lift review

You’ll need a dependable and trustworthy router lift if you want your woodworking session to go smoothly.

Milwaukee’s is well-made and performs as expected.

Many people find that being able to correctly adjust the router from the top of the router table makes the process easier.

A spring-assisted wrench is included with the device.

Woodpeckers router lift gives convenience to the tool’s users, allowing you to complete your tasks swiftly and easily.

Furthermore, thanks to the thumbwheel, you may perform extremely precise height adjustments with detail.

The Woodpecker Router lift comes with three self-leveling twist lock rings.

The only thing that this lacks is, it doesn’t come with an adapter.

But if you like this tool, you can always buy one from the market.

YouTube video

Product Features

  • Fits Milwaukee 5625 Router
  • Spring assisted wrench
  • Thumb wheel
  • One piece motor carriage
  • 3 self-leveling Twist-Lock rings
  • Woodpeckers router lift comes with a spring that has assisted wrench
  • It makes precise height adjustments
  • It provides rigidity at its maximum
  • It is equipped with three twist-lock rings
  • It doesn’t come with an adapter
  • This tool comes with no manual book for installation

9. SawSwap Router Lift

For Milwaukee 5625 Router
sawswap router lift

The SawStop RT-LFT Four-Post Router Lift is a classic option.

Although it may require a few days for assembling the product proves to be worth the wait.

It features a durable phenolic router table that rests on 4 threaded steel posts.

These posts have a built-in chain mechanism that raises and lowers the table on all 4 posts at once.

Now, how convenient is that!

The SawSwap router lift comes with multiple collars that allow you to care for the lift with a diverse variety of router motor sizes, as well as the necessary hex wrenches.

It’s might not be compatible with some other router lifts models because of the density of its router reducing collar.

This router lift design is ideal for height adjustments and elevation measurements.

YouTube video

Product Features

  • Micro Adjust with thumb wheel for Milwaukee 5625 Router
  • Spring assisted wrench
  • For optimal rigidity, a single-piece motor carriage is used.
  • 3 self-leveling levels are included. Rings with a twist-lock closure
  • The chain synchronizing 4-post lifting system
  • It is highly durable
  • It has collars for usage with different routers
  • It is preferable if hard duty work is required
  • No list of compatible routers
  • Difficult to install

What to Look for in a Router Lift Kit?

Before you jump into the bandwagon of shopping for a router lift, let’s go through some important features that will determine if it is a hit or a miss for you.

Material Used

Always try to buy router lifts that have good manufacturing materials.

For example, cast iron and steel plates are the most durable as they transfer the least amount of vibration while you work.

Aluminum is lighter than steel and is a better choice for a router lift.

Several people install steel or aluminum plates to make sure that their router lift stays safe and doesn’t sag or is de-shaped.

It is advised to avoid materials like plastics and opt for aluminum.

Because if the working surface is made of less durable materials like plastic or laminated MDF there are chances that the force can produce depression on the router table.

Compatibility with Routers

Double-check the lift you’re considering will suit your router or not.

Not all router lifts work with all types of routers.

If you have an older router, a lift model that accommodates several routers may be a better fit for your needs.

Some are specified to a certain brand or model, while others are more universal.

The second thing one should look out for is if the router will fit your router table or not.

Some devices are incompatible with one another, or a conversion kit is required to install them correctly.

The router lift kit can also be mounted on any flatwork with the right specifications and equipment, they’re designed exclusively for router tables.

If you’re considering changing your router or the table, then this is the right time!

Measure and Weight

Why you need to get a router lift is because of its ability to adjust the height of the router motor and router bit to a perfect height for easy assessment.

This aids in the routing of dados—or grooves—in cabinet doors for center panels, moldings profiles on pricey wood species, and other wonderful milling procedures.

Micro-adjustments are done by twisting the adjustment knob in small increments for turning in quite fine settings on expensive models.

Router lifts are designed to drop into a properly machined hole from the top.

The weight of the lift is an important consideration when considering the weight of a heavy-duty router.

For stable and easy handling, a router lift weighing around 10 to 15 pounds is the best.

But the sweet fact is the lighter, the easier it is. The same goes if the router lift is heavy, it is stable.

Ball Bearing Mechanism

A ball bearing system in router lifts not only helps to work the lifts efficiently but also provides the workers to work on different kinds of projects.

This helps to make you more focused on your project as it needs less maintenance while working.

Moreover, a ball bearing design of lifts provides accurate and more stress-free height adjustment to the routers.

If you go for this design surely you will enjoy smooth height adjustment while working on the router tables.

Plunge System

Mostly router lift comes with specific plunge sizes. 

The Router lifts that work with plunge routers are preferred more over the other and there lies a reason for that, the plunge routers are difficult to remove.

But before buying a router lift make sure that your lift is compatible with your plunge.

For this double check the router’s technical mechanisms.

Most Asked Questions on Router Lifts

How much do router lift cost?

It depends on the features you desire as well as the size of your router motor.

The higher the price tag is the latest the features are. Mostly good lifts have cost between $180 to $360.

Can you remove the router lift from the router motor?

Yes, you can remove the router, but it can be a difficult job.

A router lift may not be for you if you conduct a lot of handheld work. If that’s the case, you might want to check into smaller, handheld routers.

Will the router lift be compatible with the router?  

The most important thing is to be sure that, will the lift support your current router or not?

For this, you should keep in your mind the fact that the router has a horsepower of 3 ¼.

That way you won’t have much difficulty purchasing the lift.

Do I really need a router lift for my router table?

No, it’s not necessary to buy router lifts for mainly router tables.

This is because many router tables come with a small knob with combination router kit for the adjustment of the router height with the base of the table.

But if you find a router table without a knob then you should consider buying lifts.

Can you remove router lifts from base?

Yes it is possible to remove lifts from router tables.

But for this you need to buy lifts that are easy to install on a table.

Otherwise when you uninstall the lifts you may get some issues like breakage of some parts of the router.


Precision tools like router lifts are essential for woodworking projects in the day.

Router lifts to aid in the correct measuring of height. With practical router lifts, height adjustments of woodworking bits are as easy as adjusting the elevator in your building.

An above-table router lift eliminates the need to crawl beneath the router table to change the blades.

They make the user’s life easier. So, what are you waiting for?

Now, you know everything there is to know about router lifts.

Each of the mentioned router lifts may function differently and operate with different routers, so read the descriptions carefully before making your purchase.

We wish you luck in your search for the best router lift.

Happy shopping!

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