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9 Best Benchtop Router Table 2024 – Adjustable, Tabletop, DIY Table

best benchtop router table

Bench routers tables are basic components of a carpentry workshop.

They are helpful in providing support to Desktop CNC Router and Palm Routers.

They are units that serve different carpentry errands, in case you’re a carpenter like a carpenter or a craftsperson, you get so much flexibility with this tool, and you’ll be able to utilize it on a few ventures.

The best wood router table has numerous capacities such as edge trimming, cutting grooves, spaces, and apart more.

Most of these benchtop routers don’t come cheap but having one will be pivotal for your carpentry jobs.

Buying the most adjustable router table might not be the best thing to do.

You cannot just walk to the store and get one that’s why we empower that you just get a few foundation data almost items sometime recently buying.

Routers combined with one of the finest versatile or benchtop switch tables, they can handle hundreds of ordinary errands with ease.

best benchtop router table

A router table and fence can be utilized for profiling, dados, jointing, cutting from layouts, and so much more.

Benchtop router tables moreover take up exceptionally small space and a few models indeed, interface to a table saw for indeed more space-saving in tight spaces.

Whereas it’s genuine a router without a table can accomplish numerous of these things as well, it’s no place close as helpful or secure.

Believe me, once you’ve utilized a good router table, you’ll once in a while utilize a handheld router on the off chance that you’ll be able to maintain a strategic distance from it.

Editor’s Pick : BOSCH Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Our Top Pick
Best benchtop router table
9.7/10 Our Score


This Bosch RA1181 is made of aluminum for strength and accuracy. There is an extra tall aluminum fence that adjusts feather boards and faceplates. This router table has a dust collector port of about 2-3 inches and the feather board is 3-4 inches along with a 6ft storage wire.

Best Benchtop router table 2024 – Reviews and Guides

Best benchtop router table
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best tabletop router table KREG PRS 2100 BENCHTOP ROUTER TABLE
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grizzly good Router table GRIZZLY T1240 Router Table
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1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 – For Professionals

bosch benchtop router table

If you welcome the variability that comes with a router table, at that point the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is something that every woodcutter requires.

This carpentry apparatus contains a tall level of compatibility with more workbenches than you will know.

It has plastic components that donate a room for more noteworthy versatility.

You’ll effectively control its table to fit a few diverse sorts of switches.

Another perspective of this instrument is its little estimate; the size permits it to flawlessly work for those with somewhat little space in their carpentry workshops.

Additionally, once you purchase this instrument, you don’t get to stress around working it much due to the accessibility of a point by point instruction manual that gives you a clear direction to how you’ll amass your instrument with so much ease and inside a brief time.

What’s indeed more almost the direct is that the manual is that it comes with additional guides to a few do it yourself assignments which make it a close mate for newcomers who are fair getting begun on a carpentry project.

bosch benchtop router table ra1181

Product Features

This Bosch RA1181 is made of aluminum for strength and accuracy.

There is an extra tall aluminum fence that adjusts feather boards and faceplates.

This router table has a dust collector port of about 2-3 inches and the feather board is 3-4 inches along with a 6ft storage wire.

  • It comes with numerous security features
  • The gadget comes with a well-working tidy extraction include
  • It concludes for little shop woodworking
  • The device is solid, much appreciated for development utilizing heavy-duty materials
  • Its level adjustable bolts get wobbly with comfort


This one may be a benchtop show and comes with a couple of restorative overhauls and a few exceptionally valuable utilitarian additions which make it a meatier choice for prepared carpenters and specialists alike.

The Bosch RA1181 is the almost flawless plan sponsored by an industry-leading guarantee.

This is one of the best benchtop router tables for money that you will love to work on.

2. Goplus Electrical Aluminum Router Table

Goplus Electrical Aluminum Router Table

Goplus offers us another solid and trivial table top router appropriate for bright and medium carpentry ventures.

This table is brief, which permits for coordinated mounting to workbenches that have fewer altitudes.

The table of this router is little and empowers the clients to create cuts with most router bits.

In any case, it requires an extension on each side to supply satisfactory bolster.

The fence of this best router table device is small but gives sufficient surface for littler projects; it isn’t great for more noteworthy tasks.

benchtop router table with lift

Product Features

This table top router is made of aluminum material for the durability of your carpentry tasks.

These are two adjoin tables in which each of the extension tables comes with a huge size of 8-18 inches.

Both of these tables glide over each other to provide support to the routers.

Only the routers of size almost 6 inches are suitable perfectly for these router tables.

  • It comes with expansion tables on both sides
  • The instrument is reasonable and gives so numerous awesome highlights
  • It is not appropriate for more important errands


This router table comes with a point by a point training guide; you’ll effectively total the get-together by suggesting it.

The furrowed surface keeps clean and chips absent from the workplace, making cleaning simpler.

It’s simple to preserve this router in a dry and cool put.

The aluminum table is non rusting and brighter for easy movements, and the extensive posture of heavy-duty steel stands surge the strength.

3. Ryobi Router Table-A25RT03Adjustable Router Table

ryobi router table

RYOBI presents the Widespread Router Table.

Consistent with major switch brands, this RYOBI 32 in. x 16 in.

The switch table incorporates 5 throat plates and has a coordinate vacuum harbor to rearrange carpentry ventures.

Whether smoothing edges for consistency or cutting multi-tier molding, this table permits you to arrange your switch upside-down and accurately move workpieces through the router bit.

This lightweight and transformable table is my choice for the most excellent versatile router table, in spite of the fact that it can serve as a competent benchtop demonstration.

It highlights collapsing legs that can be clamped to a workbench or connected to a wall.

Ryobi router table with lift

Product Features

Prepared with a flexible fence with joining capabilities, Fence outfitted with conciliatory MDF pieces and aluminum T-track Built-in vacuum harbor suits 1-3 in. or 2-2.5 in connections.

The tabletop is little at generally 17×15 inches, but once collapsed it doesn’t take up much more space than that.

In any case, it doesn’t come with any quill sheets, which are a crucial embellishment in case you need precise work.

  • Ryobi’s table works with all main router trademarks, including a few more experienced varieties and models
  • In growth to amazing companionship, this table offers momentous strength and execution
  • An expansive, covered MDF work beat and durable plastic legs give an even and unfaltering work surface
  • This router table has small table top and thus support only small routers


The Ryobi A25RT03 may be an extraordinary compact inclusive Router Table that features a control strip so you’ll be able to keep your apparatuses stopped in at the workstation.

The surface is thick MDF secured in cover, giving you a smooth work surface, and the legs are made out of heavy-duty plastic.

4. Kreg Benchtop Router Table PRS 2100

Kreg Benchtop Router Table

What makes this benchtop router table by the Kreg among the leading is its movability, suitable development, and has so much comfort.

Other than its transportability, another thing that interested me approximately this apparatus is its estimate as well as the strong plan.

Another thing around this benchtop switch is its heavy-duty steel stand and additionally thick elastic feet that retain conceivable vibration.

Other incredible things about this astounding apparatus are how simple it is to amass, its sturdiness, and its capacity to level.

In the event that you wish solidness in a table top router, at that point you would like this mammoth. 

kreg prs2100 benchtop router table

Product Features

Kreg router table comes with an industrial-quality fence that contains movable faces, a tidy collection chamber, vertical jointing as well as, and unused clamps.

The instrument features a full-size switch embeds plate bearing accuracy plate levelers as well as an unused level lessening ring.

When you purchase this gadget, you get an extra-large 18″ x 23″ MDF table top.

It features a wide position heavy-duty steel stand that increments its soundness.

  • It’s an amazing device for novice woodworkers
  • The apparatus encompasses a vacuum framework to evacuate wood dust
  • It has solid and durable legs
  • When you purchase it, you discover your set up bars, quill sheets, and embed plates labeled along
  • You can move it around easily
  • The barrier can interchange underneath pressure


Usually, a smaller and more appropriate router table than the others is from Kreg and could be a great choice in case you’re looking to spare cash or space.

It holds the same tall quality and mechanical plan of the larger table but is littler so it can be set straightforwardly on the best of a seat that you simply as of now utilize for other purposes.

5. Grizzly Router Table T1240Best For Tabletop CNC Router

grizzly benchtop router table

This step-up choice for the most excellent router table comes from Grizzly.

It’s my first choice since it’s greatly flexible, and it’ll effortlessly oblige any brand of convenient switch that ranges from ¾-horsepower up to 5-horsepower without being as small.

This is often a cast-iron table that’s exceptionally heavy-duty, and it’ll easily stand up to wear, rust, tear, and erosion from using it apart and utilizing its exterior.

You’ll tilt this table up to 45° to create it fast and simple to introduce your router with negligible fuss, and it has both a fundamental table and a sliding table that permits you to work on enormous or little ventures without running out of room. 

There could be a hold-down flip clamp included on this best router table that ensures your router remains solidly input as you work, and these increments how safe you’re.

The huge security paddle switch is in simple reach on the off chance that you would like it, and you get a smooth operation due to the sliding table.  

Product Features

The most excellent thing around this switch table is that the profundity of cut alteration is made from the best of the table.

The best gives a 25-5/9-inches long by 15-inches deep work region.

A multifunction fence runs the total length of the beat.

Two fingerboards were given to hold the workpiece input as well as a miter gauge, and security cover for the bit.

  • Has a tidy expulsion chamber to keep your working region clean
  • It is steady, which makes your work easy
  • Fitted with numerous screws for bonus care
  • It may be costly for newcomers in carpentry


You get a really strong item by a legitimate brand at a nice price point, and it includes a bigger aluminum beat that gives you an amplified work zone, tall exactness, and fabulous strength.

6. SawStop Benchtop Router RT-BT

sawstop benchtop router table

It may be an item of Saw halt which alone makes it a reliable carpentry benchtop switch table that you just can discover on the showcase nowadays.

As you’d anticipate from the producers, this Saw stop router table comes with a point-by-point metallic plan that gives it so much steadiness as well as durability. 

This router table is joined utilizing a few expansive screws that deliver it so much back whereas in operation.

Moreover, this device comes with a vacuum pipe that’s responsible for the expulsion of excess dust amid your woodworking tasks thus making your working range clean.

Once you purchase this instrument, you’ll have included within the box, a cast press table as well as a huge fence.

sawstop router table

Product Features

The get together of this router table incorporates 27 27″ inches, cast press table, 27 27″ barriers, and STB benchtop stand.

It comes with stand measurements: (without table): 23″ (front) x 15 1/2″ (side) x 14 1/2″ (height) The router plate opening of this device: 11 3/4″ x 9 1/4″ It comes with a 27″ railing get together measurements of 30 3/4 “L x 3 1/2 “H x 4” W.

This apparatus gives you the greatest fence travel of 5 1/2“.

  • Has a dirt removal compartment to maintain hygiene around your working environment
  • It is steady, which helps to ease your working effort
  • Fixed with many bolts for extra maintenance
  • It might be costly for newcomers in carpentry


Typically, an incredible choice if you’re looking to contribute to a proficient review item for your router.

It comes with a table, fence, and stand and is fantastically tall quality.

The stand can be balanced, permitting you to put it wherever is most comfortable for you and your tallness.

7. Keter Folding TableAffordable Router Table

Keter Router Table

The Keter-197283 benchtop router table is the adjustable benchtop router table out there particularly on the off chance that you’re fascinated by an effortlessly foldable table.

The ease in which you’ll create and store this apparatus isolates it from the rest of other comparative items.

Rather like it is simple to fold, most clients moreover discover this benchtop router table simple to reassemble any time that they would adore to form utilize of it.

It takes many basic steps to induce it up, running, and preparing for your carpentry errands.

One outstanding thing, this router is that you just won’t discover it is exceptionally durable.

This trait is credited to the reality that you simply can simply dismantle it, I’d say that it isn’t idealized for steady and normal utilization.

Other than that, you do not need to take off this router standing most of the time.

It would be incredible if you’ll be able to add some extra screws to the surface of the work table as a safety element.

affordable router table

Product Features

Table is 33.46 inches length x 21.65 inches width x 29.75 inches height.

Made of heavy-duty tar with aluminum legs and a workspace capacity of 1000W.

Weather-resistant polypropylene development avoids rusting, peeling, and marking.

With its lightweight plan and durable carrying handle, take your workbench around anyplace.

Folds down to 4.4 inches thick for simple capacity in a squeeze.

  • The apparatus is sturdy
  • It has an appealing aesthetic
  • The legs of this table have a capacity compartment for additional apparatus storage
  • When you purchase this device, you get a wide run of adornments such as thrust adhere, fence, and profundity gauge
  • It comes with two outlets; you’ll be able to utilize one with a vacuum cleaner to expel dirt
  • It’s not convenient for continuous carpentry tasks


You get a multi-functional railing and a correct miter gauge in this router table that are continuously helpful to have.

The miter gauge permits you to work on wood with tall exactness without running into any issues.

An incredible thing about this benchtop router table is that it features a strong outline that’s made out of aluminum for additional quality.

8. Mophorn twofold router table

Mophorn router table

The Mophorn twofold cutter router table is another quality best router table that would perform incredibly for your carpentry errands.

It’ll make an idealized expansion to your workshop much obliged to its excellent features just like the double outlet switch, the astounding bolster fabric, and overall, cabinet-style usefulness.

We consider this table the most excellent benchtop router table.

This plate gives so much precision because it remains balanced.

This table is pre-drilled to fit well with an expansive number of distinctive routers which includes versatility.

Besides, this router table comes with two simple feather boards.

The fence gives the table so much security against kickbacks and extra direction.

Product Features

This benchtop router table has a 1500W high-power wood planer, with two piece (1 set) twofold cutter edges, an all-metal workbench, and a steel floor stand.

With max cutting width of 12.5″ (319mm), cutting thickness of 0.2″-6″ (5-150mm), edge speed of 9000rpm, and nourishing speed of 315″/min (8m/min).

A wrench handle for simple alteration of the stature of cutter head; scale ruler for exact machining; grooves on both sides are planned for simple portability; programmed nourishing plan is accessible, able to auto-feed the materials.

  • It is flexible and can work with numerous routers
  • Has a clean collection chamber for keeping your working zone clean
  • It comes with so much accuracy
  • Its lengthy poles make it a bit less steady


This phenolic router table works well with a wide run of all types of routers, and this flexibility makes it simple to set up and utilize in huge and little workshops.

The strung feet on this best router table are movable, and this permits you to set it to a comfortable working tallness.

9. Pegasus Foldable Router Table

Pegasus Foldable Router Table

On the off chance that you’re on a tight budget but you wish one of the finest switch tables, Pegasus foldable router table has one for you.

It comes prepared with a push-out take fence that produces it compact to store, and it also has jointing capabilities that permit you to fix outboard edges after you work.

This can be a solid but lightweight choice that features a marginally notched surface that works well to expel chips and tidy absent from your work region, while still giving you a smooth zone to work on in this field. 

In case you’ve got it on once you work, it’ll suck the soil and dirt away from your zone to maintain hygiene and clear the working environment.

The ace control router is on the front of the table that’s inside a simple reach for speedy shutoffs, and it includes its strong structure made of plastic for the body so it won’t get rusty or eroded with overwhelming utilize or utilize exterior.

Product Features

This router table is made up of plastic material.

Holds up to 300 lbs. as a work table, bolsters 1,000 lbs. as a sawhorse.

And it’s simple to move between the two.

Two speedy clamps are coordinates and remain joined indeed once you overlay the table into a sawhorse.

Since they’re outlined particularly for the Pegasus, they’ll be more grounded and final longer.

It’s as it were 25 lbs, and its foldable plan makes it simple to move and store.

  • This router table is very solid and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Grooved surface t exactly fit the respective routers
  • Dust port to remove any kind of dirt and debris
  • Easy to set up
  • End supporting material is plastic that makes it less stable


There’s a more extensive position on this best router table that takes an incredible bargain of solidness to it.

You won’t have to be stressed about slipping despite the fact you work and screwing up your task.

Benchtop Router Table Buyer’s Guide

A router is a hand or control instrument utilized to cut a region on materials such as wood and even plastics.

There are distinctive routers of many kinds.

A few are secured with their cutting boundaries within the router table, others are held on the hand.

Router Table Size

You should get a table that will provide support to your router.

Router tables come in large and little sizes, and a few have double expansions.

But large size router tables are more versatile.

The ideal size of router tables is from 24×32 to 18×16 inches.

Base and Surface Quality of the Table

There are plans of the table that are settled onto a workbench, if you go for an item, guarantee that it incorporates a base that the table will sit upon.

Cast-iron tables provide you the most excellent surface structure conceivable whereas decreasing your vibrations.

Also table surfaces made up of MDF having a coating of high-pressure melamine or laminate are also best.

However, the router tables that have a steady and flat surface are considered as best router tables.

Dust Collection Hood

When you work with your router, it’ll create tidy, debris, and little wood chips.

These things can rapidly clutter up your workstation.

These dirt particles will also get in your way by dimming your line of sight.

To prevent this, hunt for the most excellent router table that highlights a tidy collection structure.

This framework shouldn’t clot once you utilize it.

Compatibility with Routers

Many of the finest router tables come planned to be common and work with a few distinctive trademarks of routers.

At the same time, they do have restrictions.

Companies offer embed plates that you simply coordinate to specific routers.

In case you get all-in-one embed plates, you’ll have less basic judgment.

This can be due to all of the gaps they penetrated the plate’s surface to provide an accurate fitting.

Integrated Track

If you found an integrated T-slot in a benchtop router table then you should consider it for purchasing. 

This provides you with more accessories in the table like miter gauge and feather boards.

But before buying such a benchtop router table always guarantees that the miter gauge is working appropriately.

Router Table Lift

The basic working of lift is to adjust bits on a desired height without removing your routers from the table plate.

Some manufacturers offer lifts along with router tables but mostly you need to buy them separately.


At long last, you ought to consider how much you’re willing to spend against what you require the table to do.

It goes without saying that the more you spend on a table, the more you may get out of it – but regularly we don’t require everything the costly choices guarantee.

In case you’re fair working on little tasks at that point one of the clamps on tables would culminate.

These are little, making them perfect for littler ventures besides, and take up less space.

They are also generally cheaper.

Safety Measures

There are some safety measures you should keep in your mind while working with bench top router tables to retain your working safety along with the router.

The precautionary measures you should take while working are:

  • Make sure router bits are correctly fixed on their place.
  • Place the wood piece from right side to left while working.
  • Make sure you switch off the machine while changing the sides of bits.
  • Always wear a surgical mask, safety glasses as well as ear drops to protect your body from any harm.

FAQs Regarding Best Benchtop Router Table

What are the functions of benchtop router tables?

Benchtop router tables are versatile and mostly help to move routers up and down.

They are capable of doing all the errands that are extremely problematic with handheld routers.

They are also used for joints, molding as well as for rabbet or woodworking projects.

Can router tables be used as a woodworking plane?

Yes, it can be used as a woodworking plane due to its grooves that fit the router accurately and make all the tasks convenient.

How can I know that my router is compatible with any router table?

You can check this on any product manufacturer’s website, and make sure you get a right table according to your router.

You should check the compatibility earlier.

Can router tables be used as a jointer?

Yes you can use your router tables as a jointer but it needs some precautions.

For example, the board depth of the router table must be the size of bits.

Are benchtop router tables good for beginners?

Yes benchtop router tables are ideal for novices who just start their woodworking projects.

Moreover, they are affordable and durable.

Only drawback of these tables is that they don’t have legs. 


There are so numerous routers for carpentry such as the CNC Router and a lot more.

Router tables, for illustration, are extraordinary for your distinctive carpentry ventures, they don’t come cheap, which is why you must get the very best product out there so that you just get the finest conceivable esteem for your cash.

Routers are exceptionally valuable apparatuses if you’re looking to up your carpentry diversion, as they allow you to make more interesting shapes and grooves in things.

Router tables are completely vital for doing this safely and effectively, and the item range out there’s gigantic.

We are beyond any doubt you may be able to discover the idealized item for you inside this wide selection.

From there you’ll be able to choose which benchtop router table best fits into these measurements, conjointly consider a few other cool highlights that might make certain tables more beneficial.

This list just works as a manual guide to the things you ought to be thinking about when selecting a table – if you can’t find what you’re seeking out for here, utilizing our tips will assist you along with your advance inquiries.

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