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11 Best Portable Router Tables 2022 – Movable, Lightweight Table

best bosch router table

Portable Router tables are an essential part of a wood workshop.

They are helpful in giving support to the CNC Routers.

They are the most important part in workshops for you that serve distinctive woodworking activities, in case you are a woodcutter.

You get so much workability with this device, and you will be able to use it on a couple of wood projects.

The most excellent and cheap router table has various capabilities such as corner trimming, cutting grooves, spaces, and separated more.

Most of these portable routers aren’t available at cheap prices but having one will be significant for your woodcutting employment.

You can find the best CNC routers at CNC router hub.

Buying the foremost flexible and portable router table might not be the finest thing to do.

You cannot reasonably walk to the store and get one that’s why we just engage the establishment information nearly at some point as of late buying.

Routers combined with one of the best wood Router tables or Portable Router tables can handle hundreds of conventional errands with ease.

What is A Router Table

Whereas table saws frequently get most of the consideration (and budgets) in most carpentry workshops, portable routers are distant, more flexible devices.

Combined with one of the finest convenient or portable router tables, they can handle hundreds of ordinary activities with ease.

The best portable router table and router table fence can be utilized for profiling, dados, jointing, cutting from layouts, and so much more.

Portable and versatile router table takes up exceptionally small space.

A few models of portable router tables indeed connect to a table saw for even more free spaces in tight spaces.

best portable router table

To assist you to get started, I’ve put together this extensive direct to top portable router table’s comparison on the showcase, as well as a number of DIY best portable router table tops for those with a bit more time on their hands for customization.

If you’re short on time, check out the top picks underneath for the best router tables of each sort.

Searching for a few tips for your little workshop? Check out a few carpentry guides in our blog section.

Editor’s Pick : Bosch RA1141 Portable Router Table

Our Top Pick
Best portable router table
9.8/10 Our Score


This cheap router table has dimensions of 16.5 x 26 x 14.5 inches and is especially made of Aluminum fence. Its main power source is Corded Electric current. This lightweight router table almost requires 120V for its operation. The weight of this router table is just 33 pounds. There’s no requirement of battery in this router table.

Best Portable Router Table 2022 – Reviews and Guides

Best lightweight router table KETER JOBMADE PORTABLE WORK BENCH
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1. KETER Jobmade Portable Router Table

KETER Jobmade Portable Work Bench

The KETER Jobmade Portable Router Table could be a fully measured mechanical router table.

This router table consists of heavy materials. It does not matter whether you’re planning to utilize it within the work location or in a shop.

The moveable router table can moreover be indicated as the proficient device in the work station.

This moveable router table conveys precision as well as ease of utilization.

It is an amazing choice that can convey precision and the ease of utilizing works as a middle capacity show.

KETER Jobmade portable router table comprises rough anterior of the table, exactly embedded plate, full-highlighted corners that make a difference to create your composing experience very supportive.

Moreover, the clients can use it over the tabletop and can experience professionalism.

Product Features

The dimension of this portable CNC router table is 34.65 inches in length x 21.82 inches in width x 4.14 inches in height.

The router stands for about 38.19 inches in length x 25.39 inches in Width x 31.89 inches in height.

This router table is made of heavy resin like material with the combination of aluminum.

This table has less than 30 sec set-ups and can be used easily for storage.

  • It has a dust removal part
  • Evaluating tape is available
  • Consists of feather panels and appearances
  • Made of heavy materials
  • Easy to handle
  • Plates are not aligned
  • Heavy materials make it difficult to carry


If you’re considering getting a router table set that’s portable, the KETER Jobmade Router Table will be perfect.

It’s best as a practice device to smoothly comfort you in routing.

2. SKIL RAS900 Router Table – Best for Professionals

SKIL portable Router Table

In spite of the fact that portability isn’t continuously top of my list for router tables, I know this may be a big buying factor for a few.

In case you would like a router table that’s simple to overlay up and carry around, you’ll do something more regrettable than the SKIL RAS900.

This router table is outlined around movability.

It has foldable legs and can be set up in minutes, which is valuable in case you’re moving between job sites.

The table of this router is little and empowers the clients to create cuts with most router bits.

In any another great feature is that it comes with built-in embellishment packs and capacity compartments, meaning you don’t have to be stressed about carrying circular loads of apparatus sacks fair for your router equipment.

It comes with two quill watches and a movable bit stature, which gives you awesome exactness and precision when directing your material.

cheap portable router table

Product Features

The tabletop and fence are both made from covered MDF, which makes a difference to cut down on weight.

Generally, this demonstration weighs around 32 pounds, making it much lighter than a few of its competitors.

As it were genuine negativity I may discover approximately the SKIL RAS900 is that it’s essentially made from plastic.

In portable router tables comparison the SKIL RAS900 has less durability than others.

  • Built-in additional storage makes for easy movability.
  • Easy to stand any model of router.
  • Bit stature gauge and feather boards mean great precision.
  • Lightweight and very easy to move around.
  • Plastic parts make it look a bit inexpensive than other router tables.
  • No manual guide and might not be the best choice for beginners.


The SKIL RAS900 could be an awesome budget-friendly portable router table alternative that’s perfect for taking to job sites.

That said, in case you need a router table simply for your workshop, it’s worth looking somewhere else.

3. BLACK+DECKER Workmate Portable Workbench

Workmate Portable Workbench

The BLACK+DECKER Workmate Versatile Jobsite router table is one of the foremost well-known and best wood router tables.

The stability and durability of the table are so high that it can simply join the router base.

It can be joined easily and withdrawn inside in seconds.

The table comprises a covered MDF table surface, as well as movable, confront plates.

So that it can give a better carrying and handling capacity than others.

There is a high fence in this table to control the high stock of wood.

The high gauge makes a difference to supply extra control over the backup stock of the item.

The portable design of the moveable router table makes it versatile and simple to utilize.

For less demanding control there’s also a starter stick and the watch displays.

Product Features

The portable router table in comparison to others made of steel.

This helps it to be durable and strong.

This router table has vise jaws. It has adjustable pegs that easily crab and control the irregular shapes.

It weighs almost 350 pounds.

The dimension of the product is almost 33 x 5 x 5 inches.

  • Comprise of portable legs
  • No set ups necessary
  • Consists of starting bolt and protector
  • Can be handled easily
  • This router table is so large and occupies more space than others.


Its best highlight is its compatibility with a wide range of routers.

As long as you keep in mind to check its procedure while working recently.

4. Bosch RA1141 Portable Router Table

Bosch Portable Router Table

When seeking out a portable CNC router table, I continuously attempt to discover the ideal adjustment between toughness and flexibility.

And that’s precisely what I found in this best portable router table.

Importantly, its work table, mounting plate, and fence are all made from aluminum, which gives a tall level of solidness – and makes a difference to cut down on weight.

While you won’t be carrying your router table around all over, this certainly makes a difference in the event that you would like to improve your workshop.

Another extraordinary feature is that its router support is congruous with a number of routers.

This implies you don’t have to have adhered with a Bosch router in the event that you as of now have a great show from another control instrument brand.

Perhaps my favorite include the table’s plume sheets.

They’re super simple to utilize and give more accuracy than you may ever get from utilizing your hands.

When connecting with the additional tall aluminum border and huge work region, the result has tremendous accuracy over a wide run of wood sizes.

In all, It is a very portable router table.

Product Features

This cheap router table has dimensions of 16.5 x 26 x 14.5 inches and is especially made of Aluminum fence.

Its main power source is Corded Electric current.

This lightweight router table almost requires 120V for its operation.

The weight of this router table is just 33 pounds.

There’s no requirement of battery in this router table.

  • Friendly with a wide range of routers
  • Aluminum body makes it strong and useful
  • Great skills over wood size
  • Easier to move everywhere
  • Easiest to handle
  • Router platter can easily slide out of level with the table top.


By and large, the Bosch RA1141 could be a decently solid and flexible switch table.

Maybe it’s best highlight is its compatibility with a range of routers.

Providing you keep in mind to check its arrangement sometime recently working.

5. Worx WX066 Sidekick – Moveable Router Table

Worx Portable Work Table

The router table can too, be indicated as the proficient forming workstation.

This made the router table conveys exactness as well as ease of utilization.

It is a great choice that can convey exactness and the ease of utilizing works as a middle capacity show.

The Worx WX066 Sidekick router table is another quality best router table that would perform fantastically for your carpentry errands.

It’ll make an idealized extension to your workshop much obliged to its fabulous highlights like the twofold outlet router, the perplexing support texture, and in general, cabinet-style value. 

moveable router table

Product Features

This portable router table is the lightest weighted and sturdy table in comparison to others. It only weighs about 14 pounds.

It can easily move and have a greater dust storage capacity.

The dimension of the router table is ‎37 x 5.75 x 12.99 inches.

This router table works best with a source of corded electricity.

  • It is stretchy and can work with many routers
  • Has a dirt collection cavity for keeping your functioning zone clean
  • It comes with so much precision
  • Its extensive legs make it a bit less stable.


This exceptional router table works well with a wide run of all sorts of routers, and this adaptability makes it basic to set up and utilize in colossal and small workshops.

The hung feet on these best switch tables are mobile, and this grants you to set it to a comfortable working stature.

6. Grizzly Industrial T10432 Router Table

Grizzly Industrial Router Table

In spite of the fact that it’s not as convenient as the choice over, the Grizzly Industrial T10432 is little sufficient to stow and transport around anyplace.

In spite of the title, it’s one of the cheapest router tables on this whole list and it’s ideal for apprentices or little workshop woodworkers.

As taller as a normal individual, I discovered a part of tabletop workbenches to be of the off-base stature.

Well, Grizzly Industrial T10432 has shown up to illuminate that issue by counting a movable tallness alternative in their switch table.

In truth, in the best portable router table the overwhelming obligation steel stand can be utilized for a number of occupations since you’ll remove the router table top.

This can be valuable in the event that you would like a safe workbench for other workshop jobs.

The tabletop is made from MDF coated in cover, so its bounty is strong for your directing needs.

Whereas aluminum has its benefits, and MDF table top diminishes the chances of it distorting.

grizzly router table

Product Features

The table itself is covered wood and measures 17Ă—16 inches.

The steel legs are exceptionally strong but light enough to keep the total thing versatile.

It too comes with a full unit of adornments: movable fence with hold-downs, feather board, miter gauge, and 1.5-inch dust port.

However, the mounting plate does not come pre-drilled.

You’ll bore the gaps yourself, which may be a bit more work but implies it ought to fit about any router.

  • 5 plate pull-outs make it truly complete.
  • Available with lots of limitless features for accurate cutting.
  • Comes with dirt removal apparatus.
  • Plastic legs feel a bit inexpensive, but this can be stunned by securing it to the ground.


In case you would like a moveable and cheap router table with the included advantage of flexible tallness, the Grizzly Industrial T10432 is the show for you.

It’s a flexible piece of unit that’s ideal for a run of directing jobs.

Just keep in mind to arrange all of the important embellishments once you purchase yours so it’s completely usable upon setup.

Our Guide on How to setup a router table will further assist you.

7. POWERTEC 71392 – Trim Router Table

POWERTEC Trim Router Table

On the off chance that you’re on a tight budget but you would like one of the finest router tables, a foldable router table has one for you.

It comes arranged with a push-out take fence that produces it compact to store, and it moreover has jointing capabilities that allow you to fix outboard edges after you work.

This could be a strong but lightweight choice that highlights a possibly indented surface that works well to remove chips and clean missing from your work locale though still giving you a smooth zone to work on in this field.

As for the by and large use of the table: fair immaculate fabulousness.

It comes with two feather sheets that advance steadiness within the work pieces.

It is additionally supported with protection and a starter stick for extra back and precision.

With this amazing router table, it is genuine that you’ll be astounded at the precision of cuts indeed how numerous times you rehash it!

powertec router table

Product Features

This product has dimensions of about ‎16.3 x 11.1 x 4.3 inches.

This product weighs almost 5.7 pounds. This is the lightest router table in comparison to others.

This router table is the style of a trim router table.

This product has a high visibility guard to protect your working activities.

It has a large dust collector tank.

  • This product comes in hard solid form and is lightweight.
  • One of the cheapest T-square fashion switch tables on the market.
  • Recommended for apprentices, and DIY workers.
  • Minimized vibration and incredible adjustment due to the skillful design of the feet and legs.
  • This product catchers and clamps are not that influential.


There’s a more broad position on this best router table that takes an unimaginable deal of strength to it.

You won’t have to be worried about slipping despite the reality you work and screwing up your assignment.

8. TOMAX Miter Saw Stand

TOMAX Miter Saw Stand

This portable router table is little and empowers the clients to create cuts with most of the routers.

In any case, it requires an expansion on each side to supply enough support.

The fence of this best switch table gadget is little but gives an adequate surface for humbler ventures; it isn’t awesome for more critical assignments.

The legs of the table are lovely thick as well and, without any number, can back a considerable sum of weight.

We commend TOMAX Miter Saw Stand for its efforts to move forward the versatility of the table by including solid casters on all of its feet.

It can be bolted as well which can offer assistance in supporting its position and soundness whereas being utilized.

Product Features

This is the heavy router table that weighs almost around 330 pounds.

This router table is made of heavy duty material, and has extra stability and durability.

The dimensions of this router table are 35.83 x 9.84 x 5.91 inches.

It was styled on the basis of a Miter saw stand.

  • It comes with enlarge tables equally
  • The device is reasonable and gives abundant awesome places of interest.
  • It is not suitable for more essential working activities.


This cheap router table comes with point by a point preparation direct; you’ll viably add up to the get-together by recommending it.

The wrinkled surface keeps clean and chips truant from the work environment, making cleaning less difficult.

It’s straightforward to protect this router in a dry and cool put.

The aluminum table is non rusting and brighter for simple developments, and the broad pose heavy-duty steel stands surge the quality.

9. DREMEL 231 – Portable Rotary Table

DREMEL Portable Rotary Table

Choosing a router table is, to a degree, based on its compatibility with the router you claim.

Typically something I continuously check to the leading of my ability when making my determination.

But as the title implies, the Ryobi could be an inclusive demonstration.

The DREMEL 231 is the best router table that incorporates a covered MDF table top and fence, which can be balanced for tallness, length, and profundity.

This implies it’s competent to take care of the diversion of materials.

Whether smoothing corners for perseverance or cutting multiple shapes, this table licenses you to organize your switch upside-down and precisely move wood pieces through the router bit.

This lightweight and transformable router table is my choice for the foremost amazing flexible switch table, in show disdain toward the truth that it can serve as a competent benchtop show.

It highlights collapsing legs that can be clamped to a workbench or associated with a divider.

Product Features

This is a special router table that has different features than the others like this router table is made of wood.

This product doesn’t require any battery for its functions.

This excellent router table is used for light duty tasks.

It weighs just 2.7 pounds that makes it easier to handle.

Compatible with DREMEL 8220 freestyle rotary tool and for use with corded prototypes 100, 200, 3000, 4000, 4200 and 4300.

  • Offers a wonderful surface that’s incredible for the simple administration of workpieces.
  • Very compact compared to other routers tables.
  • Comes with two quill boards.
  • Features security begins with a bolt and plastic watch for extra defense.
  • Recommended for light-duty to medium-duty work.
  • Association of the parts is very puzzling.
  • This router table has small table surface and thus sustain only small routers.


The DREMEL 231 may be an exceptional compact comprehensive switch table that highlights a control strip so you will be able to keep your devices seized at the workstation.

The surface is thick MDF secured in cover, giving you a smooth work surface, and the legs are made out of light-duty activities.

10. Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand

Rousseau Table Saw Stand

For those on a tighter budget router table, this router table unit from Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand offers numerous of the same extras at a much lower cost point.

Most of that’s due to the need for a cast press table and router lift.

Instead, it encompasses a laminate top with an MDF center and a heavy-duty mounting plate.

You’ll overhaul to a switch lift once you require one.

This broad pack incorporates the Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand with the fence, a cheap router table switch, a twist-lock ring set, set-up bars for simple profundity estimation, two plume sheets, a halt, a steel base, and four casters.

The two-piece structure of the mid-measure plate makes a difference to connect your switch and it can be settled in your portable router table or within the truck cab.

It too makes a difference if you attach the router at the right point and it too can be fitted through the table opening.

rousseau router table

Product Features

A lightweight router table that weighs 52 pounds.

The product has dimensions of about 50x 29x 5 inches.

It is made of steel that makes it sturdy and stable.

There’s no battery required in this router table for proper functioning.

  • It’s an astonishing device for beginner woodworkers.
  • The apparatus encompasses a void framework to evacuate wood dust.
  • It has hard and sturdy legs.
  • When you buy it, you discover your set up bars, feather sheets, and embed plates labeled along.
  • You can transfer it around easily.
  • The fence can swap underneath the burden.
  • It is not suitable for all wood related tasks.


The good router table has a flexible appearance and comes with one or two therapeutic characteristic highlights.

There are a couple of outstandingly important utilitarian increments which make it a meatier choice for arranged carpenters and pros alike.

The Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand is an almost immaculate arrangement supported up by an industry-leading ensure.

Usually one of the leading benchtop router tables for cash simply will adore working on.

11. POWERTEC UT1004 Multi-Function Router Table

POWERTEC Multi-Function Work Table

I think it finds the ideal adjustment between cost and structure quality and would be a great expansion to nearly every workshop.

The tabletop is made from aluminum, which makes a difference to cut down on weight.

This diminishes the chances of it distorting or getting to be unstable.

Even though it comes with a router, the mounting plate can oblige other routers, meaning you’ll use it in case you change instruments in the future.

Included within the set is a movable aluminum fence, which locks input safely, and 2 quill sheets.

There’s too much space that’s flexible up to 80 degrees.

The router itself is fine, but it’s not a breakaway demonstration.

It’s able to make exact and clean cuts, so will unquestionably get the work done.

Product Features

This router table has a dimension of about 31x 22 x 8 inches.

This product weighs more than 30 pounds.

There’s no battery inside the product because there is no need for it.

This moveable router table has a lightweight structure and is perfect for transport and garage storage.

  • Comprises of measure gauge.
  • Double fences are available.
  • Masses are not too high
  • Cannot control iron cast.
  • The fence can swap underneath burden.


This router table comes with a one on one preparing guide.

You’ll successfully add up to the get-together by recommending it.

The rough surface removes the dust-away environment, making cleaning easier.

It’s basic to protect this router in a dry and cool place. T

he aluminum table is non rusting and brighter for simple developments, and the broad pose heavy-duty steel stands surge the strength.

Buying Guide For Best Portable Router Table

A router is a controlling and supporting device utilized to cut an area on products such as wood and plastics also.

There are particular routers of numerous types.

Many are secured with their cutting boundaries inside the router table, others are held on the hand.

Following are the factors to keep in mind, while buying a portable router table.

Table Surface

The table surface of the router table greatly influences your working and efficiency of projects.

That’s why getting the leading quality and best portable router table is exceptionally necessary.

Table surface should be flat and smooth in order to keep your working projects scratch free and unbending nature over time.

Also the gap between router and table should be small so that the wood pieces remain stable on the table.

Moreover, the table surface should be large in order to support your working project.

The table surfaces made up of MDF includes a coating made out of high-pressure melamine or laminate, this can be indeed superior.

However, cast-iron tables provide you the high surface structure conceivable whereas decreasing your table vibrations while working.

The Table Base

The base of the table has a great effect on the durability of the router table.

This will enhance the accuracy of your performance and indeed your safety.

After all, no one wants to injure one’s self during the routing process.

The base should be made of heavy-duty material like metal or steel.

The structure of the base is also a factor in the stability of the table.


It is best in case you know what you truly require in terms of the fashion of the router table.

The measure of your workspace can assist you to decide about this.

On the off chance that you have got restricted space accessible, a moveable router table can be a great choice.

Other than their compact estimate, a few of the models come with foldable legs which can save you more space for capacity.

As long as you have got a few raised workbenches or a table, a portable fashion will be okay.

It is additionally best to have a cupboard-style table.

This will give additional stability to the router.

But it may be a great choice for way better dust removal administration.

Its drawback, in any case, is the plausibility of the production of intensified sounds from the router.

If it may be an issue for you, an open-body structure would suit you more.

Compatibility with Routers

Many of the top router tables come planned to be common and work with a few distinctive Numerous of the finest router tables come arranged to be common and work with many unmistakable trademarks of routers.

At the same time, they do have limitations. Companies offer implant plates that merely facilitate specific routers.

In case you get all-in-one insert plates, you’ll have less essential judgment.

This may be due to all of the crevices that entered the plate’s surface to supply a precise fitting.

Track and Miter Gauge

Some router tables come with extra adornments like miter gauge and track that can help you in performing your activities more effectively.

A track and miter gauge on the table help to put your woodworking pieces in a perfect place.

Miter gauge provides you with a proper angle in order to move wood pieces across the bit.

While track is needed for the help of miter to move smoothly on the table.

But before buying such a router table always check the working of the miter gauge, otherwise replace it.


Using a router can be unsafe that’s why a router table may be a must when working on greater wood pieces.

Its parts are very basic in conveying the user’s security.

This incorporates the essential components of the table such as the flexible bit protection and the quill sheets that avoid kickbacks.

It’ll be best if it has extra security highlights that will ensure you and your inquisitive kids from incidentally actuating the routing machine.

For occurrence, Bosch RA1141 features a router lock-out security highlight that avoids coincidental enactment of the control.

KETER jobmade versatile and moveable router tables offer awesome security including this.

Other Accessories

Some router tables come with extra adornments that can help you in performing your activities more effectively.

These router table accessories make your router more versatile and portable.

A few of these embellishments incorporate router table miter fence, router table lead-on stick, router table embed rings, router table weights, router end squares; router table thrust apparatuses, and collet expansion.

Keep an eye on these items and it’ll be more prudent to have such models that offer them.

They won’t make your work less demanding, but they will grant your router table extra esteem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a portable router table?

You can perform many woodworking projects with your portable router table like;

  • You can create a slot or grooved
  • You can easily make the wood joints
  • You can trim the edges or wood
  • You can accurately cut or shape the pieces of wood

Do the wood workers need a router table?

Yes router tables will help and support woodworkers in using larger parts of wood for bigger projects.

They protect you from being injured while using the routers.

They also help you to do your work faster.

How much thickness is effective for the table surface?

The thicker the table surface, the better it is for the portable router table.

This will save your table surface from dropping.

Nevertheless, a large router table surface made with 2 inches thickness should be good enough.

What is the ideal size of the router table?

This all depends on your requirement.

Some of the time, a 26 inches x 16.5 inches will be a conventional and sufficient surface to cater to the most average-sized ventures.

In any case, in case you’re continuously working with bigger wood pieces, it is way better to go for greater and more extensive working surfaces like a KETER jobmade tabletop at 24″ x 32″.

Which type of surface is best for router tables?

All flat surfaces of router tables are compatible for working projects however; cast iron and aluminum metals should be more preferable.

These metals are durable as compared to laminate and MDF materials.


There are so many routers for carpentry such as the CNC Router and more.

Router tables, for graphics, are exceptional for your particular carpentry wanders, they do not come cheap, that is the reason why you must get the exceptionally best item out there so that you just fairly get the finest conceivable and best portable router table for your money.

Routers are outstandingly important devices on the off chance that you’re looking to up your carpentry preoccupation, as they permit you to create more curiously shapes and grooves in things.

Good Router tables are crucial for doing this securely and viably, and the thing that runs out there’s immense.

We are past any question you will be able to find the idealized thing for your interior with this wide determination.

We have a collection of manual for best benchtop router tables.

In case you’re having any confusion in choosing the finest and cheap router table, you can go with the Bosch RA1141 Benchtop Table.

t is the finest table within the list that can come in your budget and it too gives a tall duty.

On the other hand, the SKIL RAS900 Router Table Multi-Function Work Table is the runner up within the table, according to the surveys of the item as well as the estimating of it.

Otherwise, each table here has certain special highlights and applications in conjunction with their mishaps (on the off chance that any).

Well, that’s all.

Trust it will make a difference!

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