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Types of Dust Collectors and Their Uses in Woodworking Shop

Types of Dust Collectors

Dust collectors are widely used in workshops particularly in woodshop for carpentry work in order to collect dust and wood debris and keep the work space clean. In this article we will be discussing the types of dust collectors and their use cases.

Types of Dust Collectors

Types of Dust Collectors

Some popular styles of dust collection systems include:

  • Cartridge Dust Collector
  • Baghouse Dust Collector 
  • Wet Scrubber Dust Collector
  • Portable Dust Collector

1. Cartridge Dust Collector

Cartridge-style dust collectors are widely used as general-purpose manufacturing air cleaning systems because they perform effectively in a wide range of applications. In order to capture dust and odors from the airstream as it goes through the collector, pleated nonwoven fabric called media is placed in filter cartridges. The filter medium has a large surface on which to collect dust, making it an effective dust collector. Cartridge dust busters are particularly well suited for the following applications, which include welding, laser or plasma cutting; grain, seed, and feed processing; woodworking; food production/processing and packaging materials manufacture.

2. Baghouse Dust Collector

Baghouses (also known as bag filters or fabric filters) operate in a manner like that of a cartridge dust collector in terms of operation. The device eliminates dust particles from the air by forcing the air through a long cylinder-shaped bag composed of woven fabric, which is forced through the bag by the fan. Such systems have the capability of managing large quantities of dust-laden air without experiencing any problems. Their technology, which is like that of a cartridge dust collector, uses pulse cleaning to reverse-blast particles through the distortion of the filter bags.

When it comes to applications that require high CFM (airflow), harsh conditions such as mining, applications that generate large amounts of dust, high temperatures, sticky or abrasive materials, and sticky or abrasive materials, baghouses are the most effective. Dust that has been polluted by oil and moisture. 

3. Wet Scrubber Dust Collector

Wet scrubbers, also known as air scrubbers, are machines that remove dust particles from the air by spraying them with water or another liquid. In the case of potentially explosive or flammable products or procedures, wet scrubbers are a popular alternative because the slurry, which is made up of liquid plus collected dust particles, may be recycled. Wet scrubbers are the most effective for applications involving wet or sticky dust, Combustible dust in the air and Humid air.

4. Portable Dust Collector

Compact and lightweight, portable dust collectors, sometimes known as unit dust collectors, are suitable for tiny, isolated jobs that generate a lot of dust. These jobs may not be positioned near your larger dust collection system, depending on your preferences. They could be strategically placed to catch dust at the source, and they can be used on their own or in conjunction with a larger dust collecting system to assist in the extraction of any fugitive dust from the air, depending on the application. When used in conjunction with a larger dust collection system, portable dust collectors perform nicely for applications such as:

  • Isolated jobs that are not near an inlet for one larger dust collection system
  • Small shops that do not require a larger dust collection system
  • Heavy dust load applications that must work in conjunction with a larger dust collection system
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