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Sell WoodWorking Projects Online, Amazon & Etsy

how to sell woodworking projects

Many successful stories start with a hobby. You can earn a reasonable amount from your inventive pursuits as one of the best hobbies which you can change into business is woodworking. For this you don’t need to be a skilled person in all categories, but you only need to figure out in which project you can give your best. Once you have reached the level of your confidence in your artwork then you must think about how you can make extra cash from this. At this stage, you can likely ask from yourself:  where can I trade my wood art? In this article we’ve tried our best to provide you with the best ways to sell your wood crafts.

Let’s jump into more details!

how to sell woodworking projects


Recently, in a US research report, it was revealed that woodworking is a top ranked selling category in art and craft sales. But for your work searching a suitable market and selling your projects might be challenging factors for you. There are few more questions that concern how to sell your woodworking projects

  • Are you also looking for convention woodworking projects or do you want to sell your own wood crafts and projects?
  • Are you making smaller or larger wood pieces?
  • Are you able to sell your projects online?
  • Which method is more comfortable to you for selling either in the market, in craft fairs, exhibitions etc.?

For your woodworking projects and handmade crafts the best places to trade are those that have an integral audience and provide you sufficient exposure. After considering the main aspects to catch a selling platform, you need to explore a few options, like Craigslist, Shops, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, or you can also create your own website.

Let’s explore these options further !

How to sell woodworking projects in stores?

Whether or not you like it, it is a good idea to do some promotional and marketing footwork close to your wood shop or home. Even if it seems tedious to begin with, a deal to sell through a local store or seller will probably be the most convenient arrangement that you will make.

Craft Shows and Flea Markets

Craft show is an excellent approach to find the customers like or dislike levels about your projects. They offer you a good option whether you want to quickly get your work out to the masses. If you are living in a well-populated area then probably you can easily find flea markets or craft shows around you.


  • You got interaction with different people at your booth; this will help you to determine the correct price of your wood items.
  • This could be a more profitable choice for you as you only pay a fee according to the size of your booth, so there are a lot of chances to get high profit by selling your wood products.


  • This could be more time taking as you need more time for preparation before you arrive at an event. 

Tricks and Tips

You can get the idea of your booth by creating a smart “test booth” before your actual show. This will help you to size up your booth for a perfect setup.

How to sell woodworking projects online?

Recently, increasing popularity of internet surfing has developed more interest in people to create a platform where they can easily sell their products. E-commerce stores are the best tool to sell locally and reach many more people in your own vicinity. It is very simple to advertise your wood projects on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy or you can create your own e-commerce website. Through online platforms you can attract millions of buyers across the globe. 

Few standard platforms are given below where you can easily open a free online store to showcase your wood designs.

I. Amazon Handmade

In 2015, Amazon developed another feature in their website called ‘Amazon Handmade’. You can easily find this on Amazon’s main page under category name “Departments”. You can apply for an account after listing your products and you must ensure that your wood products meet the main requirements of the website. 

They set a monthly fee of $40 for using their website program as well you pay 12% of commission in your sales. This is a huge project where you get millions of customers, so this could be a justifiable option for some sellers. 


  • You get more credibility for your woodworking projects as Amazon Handmade is a vast customer base program.
  • The best service they provide to your product is that you can easily ship your products through Amazon Prime shipping. 


  • Sometimes it costs you a lot.
  • They’ve application based process so sometimes it is not approved. 

Tricks and Tips

As this costs you high, so, for larger wood products like furniture and trade on an international level, this option could be found at a more reasonable price.

ii. Facebook MarketPlace (FB)

Facebook is a massive social media platform which has been working for a number of years. From the past few years FB has started a Marketplace where sellers and buyers can easily attract toward each other. They permit users to make profiles and can sell their products in their general areas. Moreover, they have added the competence of users buying ads to sponsor their schedules in their current location or further away from their areas. 


  • Free and easy to use
  • You can post several products for sale within just a few minutes


  • You can interact with a limited audience.

Tricks and Tips

As this is a free of cost website but for the promotion of your wooden products you can get their ads services with little paid amount.

iii. Launch your own website – Ecommerce Solution

Creating your own business website could be a best option for you early on. For handmade wood products this is an excellent option if you want to promote and sell your work online. At first, creating your own website may be a bit overwhelming. However, there are many guidelines available on the internet which can help you to make it easy. 

For this you can make at least one web page like, Facebook page, Instagram page or can build an Ecommerce shop on WordPress CMS. Moreover, you can use Shopify to create your website and I assure you this will be the best option for you to go because it is specifically made for e-commerce solutions. It has cool services as you can easily create your business website as well as easily track your sales through this.


  • Cheaper than physical locations or renting booths
  • It provides you with an infinite audience.


  • It needs some web development experience to get your desired setup.

Tricks and Tips 

I recommend you to create multiple sites to sell your woodworking projects. This will provide more exposure to your projects and you can sell more products.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Selling Your Work

There are few things to keep in mind before you plan to sell your woodwork.

  • Set your budget 
  • Take high-quality photos of your woodwork crafts and projects. This will attract the buyers without even mentioning a proper description of the product.
  • You need to promote your work online as well as offline for getting more sales. 

The main dilemma a woodworker faces is how to sell wood crafts and projects. In this article, I tried my best to provide sufficient information and venues along with their pros and cons where you can easily sell your wood ideas and products. However, for your woodworking projects the best methods to trade are those that provide you an adequate exposure. In the beginning it could be a huge challenge for you to fascinate your buyers, but with constant effort and on the right platform, you can sell your woodworking products effectively.

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