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How to Cut Door Hinges without a Router | Using Drill, Chisel & Dremel

how to cut door hinges without router

When it comes to setting up a door, the hinges are the most critical component to consider. To properly install the door, you must carefully cut away the hinges. If you don’t do this, your simple project will become much more difficult. Fortunately, there are numerous straightforward tools accessible to assist you in accomplishing your goal. 

Cutting door hinges is a tiny yet valuable addition to your skillset. Outdoor hinges are frequently cut with power tools such as Dremel, drills, and other similar devices. To fix your door by yourself, you will need to have a basic understanding of the tools and, more importantly, the methods involved. If you believe you require assistance, you have arrived at the correct location. In this article, we’ll show you how to cut door hinges without a cnc router.

how to cut door hinges without router

When it concerns opening and closing doors, the door springs are the key component. In most cases, a metal bar, bolts, and multiple elements are used to secure the door jamb to the frame. Hinges are often installed in pairs both on the edges of a doorway, but their numbers and shapes might vary based on their intended usage and placement. These hinges function by allowing the dangling edge (which is the edge that is visible when the door is closed) to spin around a pin. As a result, the distance between the stems dictates how far you can open the door. 

In some circumstances, where there is insufficient depth, these pieces may also be arranged in numerous rows as an additional solution to the problem. I’ll be talking about how to carve door hinges without the need for a palm router today. We have come up with three easy ways by which you can learn how to cut door hinges without a router.

Alternate Methods Of Cutting Door Hinges

If there is no wood router available to help you in cutting door hinges you can alternatively use the following three methods.

For those searching for DIY instructions on understanding ‘how to cut a door hinge without the use of a router,’ you have arrived at the right location. Using a chisel and a Dremel to install door hinges may seem intimidating, but with the information provided in this article, you will indeed be able to complete the task yourself in no time.

1. Cutting Door Hinges With A Chisel

how to mortise a door hinge without a router

A chisel is a great door hinge cutting tool. The outer space that is created when mortising a hinge is essential, what we are aiming to achieve here. Such that the hinge may be accommodated within the space available so that a clean environment is available. Malleus or even a hired worker, together with a chisel instrument, can now be used to accomplish this effect. In addition, a sharp pocket knife will be required for the process.

Get Down By Scoring With a Utility Knife

You must position the hinge directly on the doorway boundary, where you want it to be five hundred feet away. Pinch the hinge in place with your hand to ensure it remains in place. The doorway should be placed in such a way that the back edge appears to be clearly visible. Furthermore, take in mind that the buttocks’ hinges are typically 11 inches from the bottom of the door at the top. The middle hinge is normally located in the center of the door. The tent hinge should be installed approximately 7 inches below the top of the door.

Once you’ve determined where the hinge will be installed on the door, grab a utility tongue. You can also use a pencil, although the tongue will provide more obvious outlines for you to work with, than a pencil. If you decide to use a pen, be certain that the lines are sufficiently thick. Make a tracing with your knife along the three outside sides of the hinge. Make sure that the wood scoring is done at a depth of 1/16-inch. If you wish to delve deeper, you can do so. If you discover it difficult to keep the hinge in place with your hands, you can just mount it with random screws instead. Drill pilot flame holes should be large enough to meet the needs of the appliance. Simply ensure that all screws are removed and that the hinge is set aside once you have finished with the delineate score.

Work with The Chisel on Your Created Outline

A 1.25-inch chisel would be appropriate for this task. You want to hold the cheat in a vertical position. Make sure the bevel side remains facing the direction of the mortice. Nowadays, a mallet is used to strike in front of the cheating device. Allow the wood to be cut to a depth of approximately 1/8-inch. You may also choose to follow the randomized thickness of the hinge leaf. Continue to move the cheat forward. And when you get to the lap clock, click on it in such a way that something that cuts around the scoring shape of the stallion. You want to stick to the scoreboard as much as possible. Make certain that you are not creating a mess of the lineage or that you are not attempting to expand the mortise.

Cutting Parallel Lines

cutting out door hinges

You want to start at one end of the board and set the chisel vertically 1/8 columns inch away from the other end. Essentially, this is the rubbish disposal area. Now, using the same depth that you used earlier, tap the chisel against the work surface to form a cut. You would like to cut across the entire width of the mortise, so be aggressive and chisel arsenic as much as necessary. Continue with a process that is comparable to the last one. And create two diagonal cuts that really are 1/8 inch (or hinge thickness) apart on either side of the hinge. This route will take you to the other mortice end.

Removing Barren Between the Cut Lines

At this stage, you must maintain a firm grip on the cheat while keeping it at a low angle to the door. It should be aligned with the length of the doorframe and parallel to it. Make careful that the flat side of the cheat is facing the wood. You can now lightly tap the chisel with the hammer to finish it off. This is necessary to get rid of any waste that may have accumulated between the line cuts you just made in the previous step inside the mortise. When it comes to cut depth, don’t go over the hinge thickness. Your hand’s south blackmail can also be used as an alternative to a hammer in some circumstances. Some people found that employing a hired hand allowed them to exercise greater control over the process.

Cleaning The Mortise

At this point, you must place the cheat’s randomness beveled side flat against the woodwind on the next footstep. Then, using the pressure of your palm, push it to the south. So that any remaining sting of godforsaken can be expelled from the area, if necessary. Furthermore, this will aid in the flattening of the mortise bottom. You don’t want to gouge the surface of the water, do you? Furthermore, avoid attempting to cut inside the shallow walls of the mortise. Simply insert the hinge into the mortise that you have constructed. Check to see that it is flushing well with the wood that is available in the area. Also, if there are any high points, make sure to delete them. You are already familiar with the removal procedure that involves the use of cheating. Now you have successfully learned ‘how to chisel door hinges.

2. Using Drill To Cut Door Hinges

how to install door hinges without a router

The Forstner router bit for door hinge is used in conjunction with a drill for hinge cutting.

Marking to Score for The Hinge Spot

When establishing scores for door hinges, it is critical to take the proper measurements, as previously stated. Hence, first, learn ‘how to measure the door hinges’ properly. Continue with the same methods until the entire trail of the door frame has been delineated and marked exactly with a marker. As soon as you have marked your area, note the placement of the cabinet doors on your door. Make sure to use the same dimensions for the door frame so that everything lines properly.

Drill the Marked Area

Before you can begin drilling, you must first prop the door upon the sawhorses so that the outline of the door hinge is pointing upwards. Make sure to adjust the height of the score appropriately so that you don’t drill any deeper than necessary. If you want a precise score again for door hinges, you must use the drill slowly and steadily throughout the process. To avoid harming the door, begin drilling at the outer border of the pattern and work your way toward the center of the door.

Chisel to The End

Using a chisel, finish carving the hinges once they have been roughly carved to give them a finer finish. You would be able to smooth out the uneven edges if you had more control than you did with the drill. As with the prior procedure, it is important to test the hinges on a regular basis to guarantee that they are the correct fit for the hinge.

Lock Up the Hinges

Whenever the drilling is completed, install the door hinges just on the scoring area of both the door and secure the hinges with screws to prevent them from moving throughout the installation process. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws into the hinges’ bolt holes, making sure that they are secure enough to remain in place when the hinges are pushed out.

3. Cut Door Hinge Using Dremel Tool

cutting door hinges with dremel

There are a number of tools for installing doors. If you have access to the multifunctional Dremel tool, then creating door hinge mortises will be no problem for you. This instrument can prepare the cut with a lot less work than other methods. Here’s how you can go about making it a reality.

Mark The Hinge Position

You’ll need to mark the spot where the hinge will be installed in the door. As a result, lay it down and begin making marks with a standard pencil. When laying, make sure the receiving side of the joint is facing up. Taking accurate measurements from the top and bottom of the door can assist you in making a more informed decision about the placement. After that, attach the hinge to the door spine. Check to see that it is aligned with the line drawn with the pencil. Take a pocket knife and sketch the outline of the shape onto the wood.

Use Dremel to Set the Door Hinge Housing

Turn on the tool and try to push it down as far as you can. For the bit to be able to fully sink into the hinge. Once this is accomplished, you can stop trying to push the Dremel. Make certain that you are adhering to the pen outline as closely as you possibly can. Maintaining a steady and gradual pace is essential for achieving increased levels of accuracy. It is necessary to remove all the excess wood from the framework when it has been completed. Remove all the dust from the area as well or use a dust collector. The process is complete if the hinge is flush with the inside of the hole. You can repeat the process for all the additional hinges which need to be installed.

FAQs on How to Cut Door Hinges

When Should You Use Three Hinges on a Door?

For doorways weighing below 60 pounds, you can usually get away with using three hinges. For bigger doors, you may also need to consider the following or even more hinges to keep the door frame from sagging and warping because of the weight of the door.

What Tools to Cut Door Hinges with?

To cut door hinges, a variety of instruments can be utilized. You might also use a rotary saw or an angled grinder instead of the hacksaw, which is the most typical tool for this task. Dovetail Jigs for door hinges can also be used effectively.

Do You Put Hinges on the Door First?

No, the hinges are not installed on the door before the door is closed. Frames are used to keep a door open or closed, and they are placed by the individual who will be utilizing the door in the first instance.

How Do You Cut a Strike Plate on a Door Frame?

Mark the area wherever you want this plate to go with a jigsaw and a wood blade, then away any remaining material with pliers or a portable vacuum cleaner to complete the project. If there is an unnecessary amount of gap here between framing and the desired position for the striking plate, wood spacers and screws can be used to generate some additional space. Then, using clamps or a portable vacuum cleaner, remove any surplus material from the area where you want the strike plate to be installed.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we will supply you with accurate information that is genuinely useful to teach you how to cut door hinges without a router. If you are considering a solution to the problem of how to cut door hinges and use a router, you have arrived at the right spot, to sum up. Construct an outline with a pencil of the hinge on top of the door before cutting it out with a chisel to make door hinges. Create grooves along the traced contour with a chisel and hammer and repeat the process on the exterior to determine the depth. Carve the outline of the score first from the door with the hammer and chisel, then dig it out with the chisel.

The procedure should be maintained by checking on a regular basis to see if the doorway hinges are still in place on the score. When this occurs, screw the hinge into place with a set screw. To cut door hinges with a drill, the first step involves marking the position of the hinges on the door and drawing the contour of the entire hinge on the door. Put the door here on sawhorses so that the pattern of the door hinges is visible above the surface of the wood. We are optimistic that after reading the entire article, you will be able to cut door hinges without a door hinge router.

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