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Understanding Different Types of Wood Router

types of wood routers

Wood routers are very useful tools for woodworking and carpentry projects. They can be used to shape, trim, and groove wood, allowing you to create complex and amazing shapes. There are several different types of wood routers available, each designed for a specific purpose. Understanding the different types of wood routers will help you decide which one is best for your woodworking project.


1. Plunge Routers

Plunge Router

Plunge routers are the most common type of router. They are designed to make precise cuts in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. The router has a plunge base that allows you to adjust the depth of the cut. Plunge routers are ideal for creating grooves, mortises, and other intricate shapes.

2. Fixed-Base Routers

Fix Base Router

Fixed-base routers are similar to plunge routers, but they don’t have an adjustable plunge base. Instead, they have a fixed base that is attached to the router’s body. This type of router is most useful for making straight cuts and trimming edges. They are also great for making precise cuts in tight spaces.

3. Trim Routers

Compact Trim Router

Trim routers are smaller than other types of wood routers and are specifically designed for trimming and edging. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for projects that require precise cuts in small areas.

4. Laminate Trimmers

Best Trim Router

Laminate trimmers are designed for trimming laminate surfaces, like countertops and flooring. They are usually smaller than other types of routers, and they have a specialized base that allows you to make precise cuts in laminate.

5. Edge Routers

porter cable router edge guide

Edge routers are designed for making decorative edges on wood, plastic, and metal. They have a specialized base that allows you to make curved and angled cuts. These routers are great for creating intricate shapes and patterns.

With so many different types of wood routers available, it’s important to understand the different features of each one. Knowing which type of router is best for your project will help you create beautiful and precise pieces of woodwork.

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