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Difference Between CNC Cutting and Laser Cutting | Lasers Vs CNC

Cnc Cutter and Laser Cutter

Both laser cutters and CNC routers use CNC programming software but they are very different machines. Laser cutters are totally dependent on the power of the laser to cut your material. Routers have a little more flexibility because of the many different types of router bits you can use.

Laser cutters and CNC routers are both programs controlled by computers that use numerical control to program the machine to cut or drill holes into materials. These machines can make almost anything. They are very precise and efficient.

Laser Cutting is a non-contact method used to cut materials. It uses high-energy beams to remove material from a workpiece. This method is great for cutting thin materials, but it can be expensive. Laser cutting machines are usually large and require a lot of space. 

A CNC router on the other hand is a very precise machine used to make things out of wood and other materials. It cuts away pieces of wood and makes them into something else. This machine uses a computer to control how fast and precisely it moves along two axes. It saves time and money because there is less waste and you can do more work in less time. CNC cutting and laser cutting can be used to fabricate precision parts and components for making machines such as drills, saws, lathes, mills, etc. Both processes use computerized numerical control (CNC) technology.

Cnc Cutter and Laser Cutter


What Is The Difference Between CNC Cutting and Laser Cutting?

CNC routers and laser cuttings are both types of machinery used in making parts. Laser cutters and CNC routers use subtractive methods to make parts. Both allow for easy customization and design changes. Both CNC routers and laser cutting machines are controlled by computers. However, there are several differences between laser cutters and CNC router cutters.

Let us explore them in more detail.


Laser cutting machines are very expensive, but they can cut through most materials. A CNC router can also do the same thing but requires less maintenance. Laser cutters use a high-powered laser beam to burn away parts of materials. These machines are used to create intricate patterns and designs. They are also used to make jewelry, but some people might think they are dangerous because of the power they use. Laser cutting uses CNC machining. It can repeatedly and consistently produce complex designs and shapes. It can cut through the toughest metal and hard gems with efficiency. Cutting lasers can cut through tough metals and hard stones with efficiency. Different versions can be made almost as quickly as they are tested. Overall, laser cutting machines are better than CNC routers because they can cut through many materials, but CNC routers can cut through even harder materials.

Speed of CNC and laser cutter

When comparing the speed of these two types of engraving machines, there isn’t much of a difference. Both can cut materials like wood but when it comes to precision, laser machines are faster. Laser cutters are very fast but require many more steps in order to complete a project. A CNC machine can make different tools, and therefore can be used to create a variety of projects. A laser cutter is limited to using a specific diameter of the blade, making it slower than a CNC machine.

The Difference in the Power of CNC and Laser Cutter

Laser Engraving uses less energy than CNC routers because it doesn’t need as many motors. Lasers are also cheaper than CNC routers. However, lasers require more skill and knowledge to use compared to CNC routers. Therefore, you’ll be limited by your creativity when using them.

Depth of Cuts

Laser cutting machines can now make precise cuts to any depth. This ability makes them very useful for cutting out parts from larger pieces of wood. They are also used to create intricate designs on wood. Laser cutters can be used to make very precise cuts. They can also be programmed to stop at any point along the length of the cut. This makes them useful for creating complex shapes.

Accuracy of CNC and Laser cutter

Engraving tools work by cutting away material. When you use a router bit, the bit rotates around a center point. This makes it possible to create very precise cuts. Laser beams are also used to cut materials. However, unlike the router, the laser beam does not rotate. Instead, it moves along a path. This allows you to make extremely accurate cuts. Regardless of the type of material you want to cut, you can get the same results.

Safety Gloves and Glasses

Safety gloves , aprons and glasses are necessary when using this equipment. Use them correctly and safely. Never operate these machines without proper ventilation. A good dust collection system is highly recommended for CNC routers. Laser-cutting materials should be kept away from electrical components and flammable materials like shavings or chips as they are a fire hazard more than CNC routers. Always read the instructions before operating and follow the safety guidelines.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting services offer many benefits for engineers. Precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness make them ideal for engineers. Flexibility, contactless cutting, and versatility make them perfect for engineers.

Laser Cutting is a method of cutting materials by using a laser beam instead of a tool. This process requires less time than traditional methods. It also doesn’t need many tools or setups. It is very useful for making complex shapes. Laser cutting is more accurate than traditional cutting methods. A tolerance of 0.1mm allows for precise cuts without additional tolerances. No extra work or finishing is necessary.

Laser cutting machines are very expensive, but they’re also very efficient. They require less manpower than other types of cutting equipment. They come with automatic feeders and follow-up conveyor belts. These features make them more expensive than other kinds of cutting devices.

Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is used in many industries but has its disadvantages. Laser Cutting uses a lot of energy which could cause pollution. Laser Cutters are bigger than CNC routers. Lasers also melt material making fumes that can harm people.

Advantages of a CNC Router

A desktop CNC router is an automatic machine that makes products using a computer. It uses a software program to create designs for any quantity, and then automatically produces them. Most of the time, it uses less manpower than traditional methods. The software can be changed to make different models. You can get an affordable CNC Router for any budget!

Disadvantages of a CNC Router

CNC routers are used by many people around the world. There are more than 50 million CNC routers in use today. Many people prefer them over manual machines because they’re faster and easier to operate. Machines are noisy because they run on vacuum pumps. Some tools wear out quickly, and new ones must be purchased frequently.

CNC routers are great tools for making gentle curves, but not ideal for making sharp angles. Precision is affected by the radius of the bits used. Smaller bits allow for more precise cuts but cause problems when cutting sharper angles. A smaller radius also limits the size of the cut. Router bits are also weaker and more prone to breakage than coarse bits.


Both types of machines are fantastic for your manufacturing facility. Lasers are favorites but expensive and it comes to your specific needs. CNC routers give you simple designs for a cheaper price. Sometimes, this might be what you need from this type of equipment.

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